Vinnitsa fountain “ROSHEN”

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Surprise is not only the nature of their beauty, but also a man is able to create real magic.
Thanks to the talented people and the Fund “Roshen”, a charming floating fountain beat established in the city of Vinnitsa in the Southern Bug river.
The opening took place in 2011, on 4 September at the very modest calculations finished, the ceremony
attended by over 70 thousand. man.
According to expert estimates, Vinnytsia floating fountain, entered the top 10 fountains of the world and is considered the largest in Europe and Ukraine.

The spectacle of amazing, really like children!
An ideal place for romantics and lovers of bright show.
Good mood and bright impressions from what he saw, securely.

Opening fountain RoshenFountain ROSHENSwan Lake
Address: Str. Karmelyuka (Roshen Quay), Vinnitsa, Vinnitsa region
GPS coordinates: 49°13’54.64”N, 28°29’12.14”E
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