Auto-route “Golden Horseshoe of Lviv”

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Route: Zolochiv Castle – Pidhirtsi Castle – Olesko castle – the castle Svirzhsky

The exact date of foundation is unknown, the fortress was mentioned for the first time in 1442 godu.Na territory is located two buildings, big two-storey and Chinese palaces. Zolochiv Castle, part of the tourist route “Golden Horseshoe” Lviv.

In the small village of Pidhirtsi, hundreds of curious tourists meets the mysterious castle with privideniem.Zdes often unexplained yavleniya.Oprovergnut or confirm the anomalies of the castle, do not just eat the researchers, psychics.

The exact date of construction and the founder of the name is unknown, there is only predpolozheniya.V castle walls, born legendary figures, two heir to the Polish throne and the princess of Kievan Rus Olga.Zdes history was made, the fate of nations, the castle has long been considered a symbol of power.

For the first time the rock is referred to in 1427, this time hitting gorodom.Na Svirzh castle grounds often hold festivals and meeting the proceeds of which go to the restoration work dvortsa.Blagodarya such events and sponsors, the castle is partially restored while maintaining the original appearance.

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