National Natural Park “Dvurechansky”

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If you are a fan of ecotourism and love to enjoy the picturesque landscapes of pristine nature, then you should visit the National Nature Park “Dvurechansky”.
The local places are famous for their unique flora and fauna, healing springs and picturesque panoramas of the area, which make us look differently at the world around us and awakens a sense of pride in our country. After all, we really have something to be proud of!
In the vastness of Ukraine there are all possible natural wonders, from the beauty of which it takes your breath away. Perhaps it is worth noting that not every strange country on our Planet has such an abundance of natural beauties.
Today it is much easier to say what we do not have than to list what we have.
Therefore, it is not surprising that in Ukraine there is a rapid development of tourism.

Location and natural conditions of the park

On December 11, 2009, on the unified territorial massif of 3131.2 hectares, which is concentrated in the valley of the Oskol River, which runs between the villages of Novomlynsk, Krasnoe Pervoe, Petrovka, Sands and Topoli, the Dvurechansky.
It is important to note that in the conservation area of ​​the park complex includes two botanical reserves – “Red” and “Konoplyanoe”.

The visiting card of the natural park is the rare Cretaceous mountains that were formed since the Paleogene Sea. Over time, climate change to make adjustments to the natural environment of the local region, subsequently, the sea dried up, giving new life to the ridge of chalk hills and ravines. Now, 107 species of rare plants grow on the vast expanses of the drained sea.

Almost 270 species of animals and birds live in the park zone, which are on the verge of extinction and are protected by law. Therefore, a walk around the natural park will be very interesting and exciting, especially for children.
You will have the opportunity to watch swans, white herons, eagles, rare species of butterflies, marsh turtles, waterfowl fire, river otter and many others.

On the spacious banks of the Oskol River, you can stay at the campsite, there are few such places, but they are. After all, it’s great when you have the opportunity to take refuge in the cool of the forest in hot weather, quench your thirst with mineral water from springs, refresh yourself in the river or soak up the sandy beach.

For those who want to learn much more about this place, there is the opportunity to book a tour of the ecological trails. There are also entertaining trails: for horseback, water, skiing.

How to get to the Dvurechansky nature park?

By bus.
A direct bus leaves regularly from the Zavodskaya bus station to the village of Dvorechnaya.
By car.
If the starting point is from Kharkov, then keep the course Kupyansk – Two-Rivers – Kamenka.
It is important to note that it is best to go down to the reservoir through Novomlynsk or Kamenka.

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  • Kitsovo desert
  • Gomolshansk forests
Address: urban settlement Dvurechnaya, Dvurechansky district, Kharkov region.

GPS coordinates: 49.8522, 37.7333

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