Salt Lake, Antonovka

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On the threshold of the summer season, many are wondering: “Where to relax in Ukraine in the summer?” so that inexpensive, comfortable and most importantly in a relaxed atmosphere.
As a rule, experienced tourists already have their own places to relax, most often these are little-known and very beautiful places, which are ideal for spending summer time with family.
But novice lovers of travel in Ukraine, anxiously select the most optimal, interesting and popular tourist routes, visiting the site for tourists one by one.
Given the great demand for information about water resources for recreation in our country, it will be very useful to tell you about another attraction of the Kharkov region, which is little known to the general public.

Surely, many have heard about the useful properties of the Dead Sea, which is located between Israel and Jordan. For some, visiting a popular resort in the world is a dream.
Others, ignoring the high costs, go there to rest almost every year.
At the same time, without even suspecting that Ukraine also has its own Dead Sea in the Kherson region and a salt lake in the Kharkiv region, the water properties of which are not inferior to the world analogue.

How was the salt lake formed in Antonovka?

The lake arose in 1962, subsequently an accident while drilling a gas well.
A gas fountain escaped from the bowels of the earth, which was preceded by an earthquake, explosion and the emergence of a 60-meter crater. As a result, salt deposits rose to the surface under the influence of groundwater pressure, and this process formed a salt lake.

It is perhaps important to note that water is gradually desalinated, but the ratio of salt to water is still high enough to support a person on its surface.
Salt water in the lake contributes to the rapid healing of wounds and a beneficial effect on the healing of the body.

Note for the tourist

It is not strange, but the exact depth of the lake is unknown. It balances from 75 meters to 2 kilometers. When you plan to visit the salt lake near the village of Antonovka, I highly recommend stocking up with drinking water, food and sun protection.
Pay attention to the shady place there is practically no, so a beach umbrella will not hurt you.
You can put up a tent on the spot and make a fire.

How to get to the salt lake, Antonovka?

Consider two main options from Kharkov:
1. By bus.
You buy a bus ticket in the direction Kharkov-Kegichyovka at the bus station (Gagarina ave.).
Then you need to get off at a bend near the village of Antonovka. Next walk about 700 meters, and you are at the lake.
2. By car.
In this case, everything is much simpler, keep the course in the direction: Staroverovka – Chapaevo – Antonovka.

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Address: s. Antonovka, Kegichevsky district, Kharkov region.

GPS coordinates: 49.321695, 35.813552

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