Singing terraces.Harkov (Town)

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In the inconspicuous village of Gorodnoye, everyone can visit the unique and unique sights of Ukraine “The Singing Terrace”.
Magnificent panorama of the neighborhood, mystery of the construction will leave good impressions of the The time spent here.
In recent years, more and more tourists are visiting the terraces.
And it’s not surprising! It is very beautiful, peaceful and cozy.
The place has become very popular among lovers of traveling around Ukraine.
Many travel agencies, this unique sight of the Kharkov region, have been included in the list of popular tourist routes.
Singing terraces, especially popular among bicycles and campers.

The founder of the acoustic structure is Pavel Kharitonenko.
He beat a very rich and influential person in an elite society.
What prompted the landowner to such an insane idea and what is the original purpose of the terrace?
– remains a mystery to this day.
There are only a few assumptions, well, of course, legends, as without them.
According to one popular version of the terrace’s basement, it is a question of the daughter of a landowner, Natalia.
She had a great voice and often sang for her father, walking around the neighborhood.
Loving father ordered to build this unique acoustic structure for his daughter.

Annually, on the territory of the Ukrainian amphitheater under the open sky, the festival “Green terraces” is held.
Here folk and modern songs are performed, the melody of which is spread all over the district.
The ideal season for visiting the singing terrace is spring or autumn.
In the spring, apple blossoms blossom here, creating a magnificent panorama.
If you do not know where to go on May holidays?
Feel free to go to the singing terraces, you will not regret.

By the way, not far from the singing terraces, just 10 km, I recommend to visit Natal’evsky Park (Manor Natalia), the place is interesting and there is something to see.

Interesting facts about Singing terraces:
1. On the stage of the terrace, at one time, famous musicians and singers performed: Fedor Shalyapin, BB group, Bogdan Stupka.
2. Singing terraces are a unique garden and park architectural structure on the territory of Ukraine and Europe.

Nearby places of interest: Natal’evsky Park (Nataliaivka Manor), Krasnokutsky Dendropark

Address: with. City, Krasnokutsky district, Kharkiv region.

GPS coordinates: 50°07’13.3″N 35°13’35.0″E

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