Kitsovo desert

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When it comes to Ukrainian landscapes, the desert is somehow not perceived and is not combined with Ukraine. For example, like the Sahara from North Africa or the Gobi Desert with Asia.
Our region is known to the world community and foreign tourists as a country where there is Chernobyl, the Zaporizhzhya Sich, the ancient city of Khersones, Kiev Sophia Cathedral and Kiev Pechersk Lavra.
However, few people know that we also have deserts, and there is more than one – Aleshkinsky sands in the Kherson region and Kitsovskaya semi-desert in the Kharkov region.

Perhaps it is important to note that from the point of view of geography, the Kitsevskaya semi-desert should be classified as “hilly sands” more correctly.
Their main feature is the proximity to forested and steppe landscapes.
But, as it were, even the lumpy sands for the territory of Ukraine is not just a rare phenomenon, but a unique one.

Description of the place

On the expanses of 400 hectares, you will see a magnificent panorama of small hills of elongated and rounded shape, yellow-golden dunes and dunes of the Kitzevskaya desert.
Part of the sandy hills is covered with moss, a variety of steppe grasses and shrubs.
Along the perimeter of the desert, as if hidden from all, coniferous forests.
The unique climatic conditions created a very comfortable environment for the life of many species of insects, animals, lizards and birds of prey, some species listed in the Red Book. Therefore, be very vigilant and take care of everything living in the desert.

It is worth noting that previously the local area was used as a tank military training ground for planned exercises, traces of their activities are clearly visible today. During the walk you will often see fragments from tank shells and an impressive funnel.
Don’t be surprised at the finds, but be very careful!
Although the desert is open to tourists and is the original attraction of the Kharkov region, the place is still quite dangerous, especially for walking with children.

Kitsovo desert for the tourist

Today, the Kitsovskaya desert, like a magnet, attracts extremists to their open spaces, who often spend off-road racing in the district.
Therefore, as for the desert, it is crowded especially in the summer.
If you decide to visit this place, I strongly recommend using the service of a guide who knows the area “like the back of your hand”.
As for an independent visit to the Kitsevskaya desert, you cannot get lost even with great desire, not the scale in comparison with the Sahara desert, but accompanied by a guide you will be much more interesting.

There are no souvenir shops or any entertainment facilities here – only nature and a magnificent location for a photo shoot.

How to get to the Kitsovo desert?

By bus.
We start from the bus station number 6 it is known as Proletarskaya.
Take the bus in the direction of Kharkov-Pechenegi, get off at the Kitsevka stop, then walk about 2 km through the coniferous forests and a desert landscape will open in front of you.

By car.
From Kharkov to the village of Kitsevka only 50 km, it is about 1 hour by car.
You need to move along the highway Kharkiv-Pechenegi, as soon as you reach the village of Kitsevka, turn right towards Donets, when you run into a pine forest, park the car and continue on foot to the intended target.

Address: s. Kitsevka, Chuguevsky district, Kharkov region.

GPS coordinates: 49.850000, 36.824700

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