Kherson region is the best place to relax at sea

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Traveling in Ukraine is the best way not only to have a great rest, to discover something new, but also to get to know your country better. Indeed, in its open spaces you can see almost all the natural wonders of the world: the immense sea and quiet lakes, mountain peaks and noisy waterfalls, restless rivers and mysterious forests, magnificent rocks and fantastic canyons, mysterious caves and velvet deserts, flowering meadows and uninhabited islands, a volcano and craters.
Therefore, given the abundance of natural wealth, it is not at all surprising and even logical that domestic tourism is rapidly developing in Ukraine.

Every year more and more tourist complexes of the European level appear, sanatoriums, attractions, dolphinariums, hotels are opening. Accordingly, all this allows travel agencies to organize holidays in Ukraine for all comers all year round.
At the same time, it is absolutely not important that you are a supporter of eco-tourism, extreme or quiet and measured hanging out with your family and friends.

Natural attractions of the Kherson region

If you consider interesting tourist places of Ukraine for summer holidays, then you should pay attention to the popular resorts of the Kherson region, where it is possible to have a great free time. The clean and warm sea, snow-white beaches, sea air with useful minerals, geysers and terminal sources of the Kherson region all create excellent conditions for families with children. Ved Kherson region is an ideal tourist place for family travel and comprehensive rehabilitation.

A real pearl of the south of Ukraine, that’s what they say about tourist Kherson.
A lot of ecologically clean natural recreational resources are concentrated here, which not only amaze with their uniqueness and beauty, but are not found anywhere else.
And this is not at all surprising, because the region is washed by the Black and Azov Seas, which is characteristic of the only region in Ukraine.
This feature allows you to develop beach tourism and actively work on increasing the tourist flow to local residents and entrepreneurs.
Moreover, nature itself provides an opportunity to move in this direction, since the location of the region has more than 800 kilometers of coastline, almost 80 salt and mud lakes, many geysers and terminal sources.
For supporters of green tourism, the expanses of the Kherson region will be a good choice, since everyone can retire to the longest sand spit in Europe – the Arabat Arrow or book an exciting excursion into the desert, which is well known as the Aleshka Sands National Nature Park.

In addition to the popular resorts on the Black Sea with European quality of service, you can visit no less interesting sights of the Kherson region, which leave the most vivid memories of your stay in the sunny region here.
These include: Lemurian lake, Uninhabited island Dzharylgach and Biryuchiy, Tendrovskaya spit, Dnieper Delta or Aleshkovsky forest.
If your goal of a summer vacation is solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the unique flora and fauna, then the best reserves of the Kherson region are at your service: Askania-Nova Reserve, Black Sea Biosphere Reserve or Stanislavsky Landscape Reserve.
Perhaps it is important to note that over 80 objects are concentrated in the Kherson region, which are among the nature reserve fund of Ukraine and are protected by law.

Historic Sites of Kherson Region

Kherson region can surprise a modern tourist not only with its natural beauties, but also with its rich historical heritage. It should be noted that over 5 thousand ancient monuments and objects of historical and cultural heritage are concentrated on its territory.
Accordingly, staying in the local region you will have the opportunity to both bask in the snow-white beach, and to beat in places that are of great importance in the history of our people and not only.
Indeed, local historians and historians, studying the ruins and artifacts found during archaeological excavations, were able to prove that they once lived and actively lived here: Scythians, Huns, Pechenegs, Tatars, Turks, Polovtsy and Zaporozhye Cossacks.
Centuries have passed, much has remained clogged, but still pieces of history that are scattered in various parts of the Kherson region vividly remind the modern generation of the high price of freedom, life values, devotion and heroism.
Among the preserved historical sights of the Kherson region, the most popular can be noted: the Tsar’s barrow Oguz, the remains of the Kherson fortress, Aleshkovskaya and Kamenskaya Sich, Scythian women, Skelka settlement, Burgunsky bridge, Black Valley, Catherine Mile.

Tourist Kherson region, modern rest

For the category of tourists who cannot imagine their active vacation at sea without modern entertainment complexes, Kherson region can surprise even the most demanding guests.
Realizing the prospect of developing their region and business, local entrepreneurs create European conditions for a comfortable stay.
Therefore, throughout the Azov-Black Sea coast, there are many water activities, 2 dolphinariums, almost 50 rehabilitation centers, over 60 estates for green tourism, hotels and hotel complexes.
As a rule, in the resort areas of the Kherson region, you can visit billiard clubs, bowling, attractions, parks, a go-kart center, exhibition facilities, for example, Urban CAD or Tavria Green Farms and much more.
According to the official figure in the region alone, there are more than 1000 objects for outdoor activities, while these statistics are growing rapidly every year.

To attract the attention of tourists from all over Ukraine and abroad, festivals are regularly held in almost all resort places of Kherson.
Therefore, if you crave new and vivid impressions, follow the Festival calendar of the region. But, nevertheless, among the most popular I want to note:
International Theater Premiere Festival “Melpomene of Tavria”;
Festival of southern color, food and emotions “Tysho-Tysho fest”;
International acting film festival “Stozhary”;
Black Sea Games in Skadovsk;
Ethno-eco festivals “Kupala Dawns”, “Ukrainian Watermelon – A Sweet Miracle” and “Tavrian Farms”.

As you can see, the entertainment in the Kherson region is more than enough, so do not miss the opportunity to get to know this amazing land in closer detail.
And remember, in spite of everyday worries and problems, active rest at sea is a panacea for depression and fatigue.

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