Tendra Spit or Tendra

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Tendra Spit or Tendra, another untouched place with amazing nature, where there is no hustle and bustle of modernity. The endless and snow-white beaches of the desert, the azure water is clear and transparent, nature is rich and striking in its beauty.
Despite its name, Tendra Spit is an island off the Black Sea coast that belongs to the Kherson region and begins at the western edge of the tourist village. Iron Port.
In its structure, it has an elongated shape for 70 km, from this the name came – the spit. The total area of ​​almost 38 km². The spit is separated from the mainland by the shallow Tendra Bay.
A miracle of nature arose as a result of a natural marine process, the so-called accumulation of sand and shell rock. Its surface for several centuries remains low, as evidenced by the mention of cartographers since ancient times.
In its shape, the western part resembles the structure of a spade-like expansion.
On the coastal territory, you can see coastal ramparts and lagoon lakes, but its central part is a flat surface.
What can not be said about the southern part, where basically it is the sand humps created by the sea wind.

It is worth noting that the Tendra Spit has the status of a reserve, like the Kinburn Spit or the uninhabited island of Dzharylgach. The only exception between them is that Tendra is a closed nature reserve and tourists are not allowed to enter a significant part of the island.
But, nevertheless, the northern part of the spit is accessible to vacationers.
By its length, the tourist zone on the Tendrovskaya Spit is not large, only a few kilometers along the coastline, which rests against the lighthouse, but this is more than enough for privacy and a great vacation on the Black Sea, away from modern fuss.

Nowadays, a significant territory of the island is an integral part of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, which is the largest in Europe. At the same time, its main territory is located in the Kherson region and a very small part of the conservation zone belongs to the Nikolaev region, namely to the Ochakov district.

No more than ten people live on the island; these are border guards and lighthouse keepers. Accordingly, there are no modern tourist benefits here, only wild beaches dotted with rapans, the azure warm sea, clean sea air, noisy bird markets, huge jellyfish, wild animals and exceptionally walking around the island. Therefore, when planning a summer vacation on the sea in Tendra, do not forget to bring a tent with you, stock up on fresh water and food.

A large number of rare birds live on the Tendra Spit: pelicans, herons, swans, cranes, bustards. Also here live foxes, raccoon dogs, wild boars, wild horses that every day come to a watering place at the lighthouse. Perhaps it is important to note that more than a hundred species of animals living on the island are listed in the Red Book.
In the morning and evening from the shore you can watch dolphins frolic in the sea. The spectacle is not clogged!

Tendra Spit, interesting facts

  1. Until recently, the island was completely closed to tourists and only the military could use it, who used it as a training ground. Therefore, here they have kept track of their training.
  2. The Tendra Spit is almost invisible from the sea, so it was temporary when many shipwrecks occurred on its shores. Currently, in its waters are found the remains of Greek, Scythian and Turkish ships.
  3. In a period of severe storms, waves roll across the entire braid.
  4. There is an assumption that in ancient times there were sports games in honor of the ancient Greek hero Achilles.
  5. Modern local historians and historians suggest that the territory of the Tendra Spit was once inhabited by Sarmatians and Scythians.

How to get to the island of Tendrovskaya spit

It is sometimes difficult to believe that in our time there are still places where civilization has not prevailed over pristine nature. The oases clogged by man are quiet, cozy and far from the noise of cities and modern bustle, where you can enjoy the proximity to nature.
So, such a place exists and this is the Tendra Spit. Therefore, if you love ecotourism, appreciate a calm and measured rest, then you should visit here.
You can get to the island by excursion boat from the popular resorts of the Kherson region: the village of Zhelezny Port, Lazurnoe, Primorsky or Ochakova, in the Nikolaev region.

Address: Golopristansky district, Kherson region

GPS coordinates: 46°14′29″ с. ш. 31°37′51″ в. д.

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