Rest on the sea, resorts of Kherson region

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Almost all the most popular attractions of the Kherson region, one way or another, are related to outdoor activities at sea.
At the same time, a significant part of them is located off the coast of the Black Sea, the other is located on the shore of the Sea of ​​Azov. Among them are the popular resorts Genichesk and Arabatskaya Strelka, which many tourists love the azure and mysterious island Dzharylgach.
And this is not the whole list of tourist places of the Kherson region, where you can have a wonderful vacation at sea, especially with young children.
Therefore, for those who plan to travel to Ukraine this summer, perhaps it is worth a glimpse of these places. Be sure that you are expected not only the white sandy beaches, warm sea, the abundance of flora and fauna, but also a lot of vivid impressions of your stay here.

Popular resorts of Kherson region

Domestic tourism in Ukraine is noticeably gaining popularity among Ukrainians.
This trend is associated with many reasons, and this is not only the annexation of Crimea or financial difficulties. Rather, awareness comes of the prospect of tourism development in our country, on the basis of which it is possible to build a successful business.
Therefore, today we can already see a significant improvement in the service of tourists directly in the tourist regions.
Every year, all new hotels with European service appear, where there is a pool, sauna, bathhouse and all kinds of spa treatments.
Entertainment complexes for active spending time with family or friends. Positive changes are also observed in water activities, while their diversity has no aisles.

And so, let’s look at the best resorts of the Kherson region, which are definitely worth a visit this summer.

The spa town of Skadovsk

Perhaps this cozy city is the most famous resort in Ukraine, which is geographically located in the Kherson region. 84 recreational facilities are actively working in the aisles of the region, while 31 of them are intended for the rehabilitation of children.
According to statistics, more than 80 thousand tourists rest in sunny Skadovsk annually.
Therefore, if you are planning a summer vacation in Ukraine in Ukraine, pay attention to Skadovsk.

In the local boarding houses and sanatoriums you will perfectly heal your body: take healing sun baths, swim in the clear sea, sunbathe on the white sand, procedures for rejuvenating the skin with healing mud are waiting for you.
In addition to modern water and entertainment complexes for all age categories, they regularly offer many interesting excursions, both to the sights of the city and beyond. But, the most popular excursion will lead you to the deserted and mysterious island of Dzharylgach.

The resort village of Iron Port

No less popular resort on the Black Sea compared to Skadovsky. For many tourists, it has become a favorite destination for summer holidays. It is famous for its vibrant nightlife, which is why the village is often called Kherson Las Vegas.

The resort is ideal for diving enthusiasts, especially in the area of the picturesque Tendra Spit, which is one of the largest Black Sea Biosphere Reserve in Ukraine.

Along the coast there are more than 500 objects that have a direct tourist destination and are rented to vacationers, these are: boarding houses, recreation centers and the European standard of the hotel.

The resort village of Lazurnoe

The relatively small village of the Black Sea coast is located centrally between the popular resort town of Skadovsk and the resort village of Zhelezny Port.

The main feature of this region is that on the one side the Cote d’Azur is washed by the sea, and on the other side by the bay. And also, it is located not far from the island of Dzharylgach and Tendrovskaya spit. Therefore, the resort village is often called the “golden mean”, having come here for a summer vacation, you can diversify your leisure time and visit not only neighboring resorts, but also book a fascinating tour to the nearest attractions.

The spa town of Genichesk

The resort is located on the shores of the Sea of Azov, adjacent to the Arabatskaya arrow from which it has a connection on the automobile bridge that is laid across the Thin Strait.
Therefore, it is possible to combine your vacation in Genichesk with a rest on the Arabatsky arrow.


The local resort is ideal for families with children, as the depth of the sea is small and the water warms up very quickly.

Perhaps it is worth noting that in the vicinity of Genichesk there are several interesting sights that you can visit if you wish, namely: Biryuchy Island and Askania-Nova Nature Reserve

Arabat arrow

Among all the resort areas of the Kherson region, the Arabat Spit is a good option for a summer vacation at sea. In addition, it is the longest beach in the whole of Europe, washed by Sivash on one side and the Sea of Azov on the other.
An amazing miracle of nature with a unique microclimate starts from Genichesk and ends at the Crimea. If you rely on exact numbers, the sandy strip of the beach area reaches 100 km, and its width balances from 270 meters to 8 kilometers.

Throughout the length of the arrow there are 5 resort settlements that are economically focused on the development of domestic tourism in Ukraine, to be more precise, these are: Genicheskaya Gorka, Priozernoye, Schastlivtsevo, Strelkovoye, plus Solyanoye, but this is already temporarily occupied Crimea.

The resort village of Khorly

A small but very popular resort village that is sheltered on a cozy peninsula. From the mainland is connected by a narrow isthmus through which the road passes.

The peculiarity of this place is: the shallow sea, the air rich in iodine, healing mud and several sources of artesian water. Therefore, rest in Khorly is a great idea for a comprehensive recovery of your body.

The resort village of Krasnoe

The village itself is located on the shore of the Dzharylgachsky Bay and almost under the nose of the popular resort town of Skadovsk, they are only 10 km away.
The main feature of Red is that it is designed exclusively for a quiet and relaxing holiday with children. Therefore, noisy nightlife you will not find here.

The resort is well known for its healing blue clay, mud and windsurfing.

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