Festival “Volyn Holland”

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Now you can enjoy the variety, exquisite shape and incredibly rich palette of blooming tulips not only in Holland, but also in Ukraine. Therefore, if you have always dreamed of visiting the Netherlands, the land of tulips, then go 36 kilometers from Lutsk to the village of Svidniki to make your dream come true.

The popular tourist location of Lutsk, for the fourth year in a row, manages to very confidently maintain a leading position among the natural attractions of Ukraine. For many families, the Volyn Holland tulip festival is already a tradition. After all, according to psychologists, admiring the colors of flowers is an effective anti-stress agent for adults and children. Especially after the quarantine restrictions, which are endless.

Tulip field in Volyn

On the huge plantation of the field, local farmers annually plant more than 350 species of tulips and with the onset of the flowering season everyone can see their beauty as part of the festival. This year was no exception, so if you have the opportunity to escape from your daily routine, then go for vivid impressions to the Tulip Paradise of Volyn. Moreover, this year Volyn Holland will delight its visitors with rare varieties of Dutch tulips, which have taken root in Ukraine.

At the leisure of the festival, a food zone is planned, where everyone can taste the rich wines of Transcarpathia, shashlik, kulesh, ribs and desserts.

Fascinating entertainment will be available for the young guests of the festival: pottery, interesting contests, planting flowers and much more.

Visiting the Volyn Holland festival is not only a great opportunity to spend your leisure time brightly, take great photos, but also an opportunity to discover the latest trends in floriculture and buy rare varieties of tulips.

The Volyn Holland Festival will last from 12 to 23 May.

Address: from Svidniki, Kovelsky district, Volyn region.

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