Rest at nature. 5 best lake wonders of Ukraine

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Few people will argue that the best holiday for the weekend is outdoor recreation, where you can cook kebabs, turn gray by the fire, enjoy the silence against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes.
Such leisure leave the most vivid memories of you, your children and friends.
Indeed, against the backdrop of everyday hustle and bustle, we lack freedom, the smell of the forest, the aroma of wildflowers, the coolness of the lake, the fresh breath of the wind and the singing of birds.

When you still manage to organize outdoor activities for your family outside the city, you realize how little is needed for calm and good mood. Indeed, in order to feel happy, you do not need expensive overseas resorts or luxury entertainment complexes.
You can have a wonderful free time in nature with friends and family.
Therefore, if you are puzzled by questions: Where to go on a weekend with a child in Ukraine? or Where to relax by the lake as a family? I think a few ideas for your leisure time from a site for tourists will be very appropriate.

Many tourist routes in Ukraine are geared towards green tourism and outdoor activities on the lake. Indeed, today, as never before, we are beginning to value more naturalness and natural beauty. This trend was immediately picked up by Ukrainian travel agencies, offering their clients last-minute tours of Ukraine to the picturesque lakes of our country, and we have more than enough of them! But, nevertheless, I want to especially note the 5 best lakes in Ukraine, which are perfect for traveling with your family.

Cahul Lake, Odessa

The natural attractions of the Odessa region are not only relaxation on the Black Sea and beach resorts, it is also the amazing beauty of the lake, where you can spend your leisure time splendidly. Lake Cagul is one of them, which is located on the lower Danube in the Reni district near the village of Nagornoye.

The peculiarity of this region is the lack of hotels, attractions, entertainment complexes, shops, restaurants and cafes. Therefore, rest on Lake Cahul can be safely called a wild vacation, where there are no benefits of civilization, only nature, fishing, lake water, rocky shores and silence.

Lake Yalpug, Odessa

The unique natural attraction of Ukraine spread its possessions in the steppes of the Odessa region in the Bolgradsky, Izmail, as well as Reniysky districts.
The climate at Lake Yalpug is very similar to the sea, so it can safely replace the usual vacation at sea in the summer.

The reservoir is considered the largest natural lake in Ukraine with rich flora and fauna. The nature around its perimeter is such that it takes your breath away from beauty!
Therefore, it is not surprising that many professional photographers prefer to work here.

The infrastructure in the local region is developed – there are several recreation centers, rental equipment for fishing and shops.

Lake Svityaz. Volhynia

Svityaz Lake belongs to the Shatsky Natural National Park.
The total area of ​​the conservation area is 32,500 ha.
At the same time, Lake Svityaz is rightfully considered the pearl of the national natural park.
The depth of the reservoir reaches more than 58 meters.
The water in it is so clean that you can easily see the sandy bottom.

The natural complex Shatsky Lakes is an ecologically clean place for families, especially with children. It is incredibly beautiful and cozy. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Ukraine and looking for the best ideas for a family vacation, then pay your attention to the Shatsky Lakes and Lake Svityaz in particular.

A popular tourist destination in Ukraine is well prepared for receiving tourists.
There is everything to have a great rest: recreation centers, cottages, a tent city, shops, a rope park, kayak, catamaran and boat rental, diving, bike rental, water rides, the beach, forest, fishing and much more.

Lake Synevyr. Transcarpathia

About 10 thousand years ago, an earthquake occurred, subsequently a mountain shift and Lake Synevyr was formed. The area of ​​the reservoir is 5 hectares, the maximum depth is 22-24 m, the temperature of the water, even in the hot period, does not exceed 11 degrees. The lake is located at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level. It is considered the largest and most beautiful lake in the Carpathians.
You can get to it on foot, or drive by car, from the checkpoint only 1200 meters.
The territory of the reserve is well-groomed, cozy, there are cafes that cook deliciously and prices do not bite. It is forbidden to fish, crayfish, swim in the lake, lay out tents.

White lake. Rivne

With the start of the summer season, each of us is puzzled by the choice of a place to relax.
Most people prefer to spend their long-awaited vacation on the beach of the sea or lake, soak up the snow-white beach, enjoy nature, peace and health.
Many go to other countries without even knowing that on the territory of our country there are a lot of wonderful places where you can have a wonderful vacation.
Among the numerous water resources of Ukraine, I would especially like to mention the “White Lake“, which is located in the Rivne region and is in great demand among Ukrainian and foreign tourists.
And this is not at all surprising, because laboratory tests have shown that water contains phosphorus, salts, particles of silver, calcium, glycerin, and also magnesium. Thanks to such
natural components water has a beneficial effect on human health, helps to heal many skin diseases, heals burns, promotes rapid healing of wounds, stabilizes pressure, relieves fatigue.

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