Lemurian lake or the “Dead Sea”

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Often when we are faced with the question of where to relax in Ukraine? Especially in the summer.
It is difficult for us to choose the right route, the reason is trite, in our country there are probably not many wonderful places where each of us can perfectly spend our summer.
What we do not have: mountains, rocks, waterfalls, lakes, canyons, castles, palaces, fortresses, desert, seas and even the “Dead Sea” about the existence of which many Ukrainians do not know.

If in the summer you plan to pamper on the beaches of Kherson region, if you can visit Lemurian lake it is also called “Dead Sea” or the Pink Lake, you will not regret it. And for health it is useful and a lot of wonderful impressions are provided for you.
The place is really unique in its kind, which is worth a visit to everyone.

Based on the results of a small analysis, it was confirmed that in the water of Lemurian Lake, 50 gr of salt is more than in the Dead Sea, which is known to the whole world.
Being in the water is simply impossible to drown, you can relax and read your favorite book afloat. The healing properties of the lake are not inferior to the famous world resorts that Ukrainians like to visit and even suspecting that we have our Dead Sea.
On the unique curative mud, world cosmetics companies of Germany and Austria noticed that they produce their products using mud from the Lemurian lake.
In addition, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has seen certificates that are in turn
Confirm that the mud of the lake is saturated with useful minerals, carbohydrates, acids, salts.
Both the rip and dirt of the pond are extremely useful for human health.

The history of the appearance of the lake is very interesting. It appeared in the distant 60-ies, thanks to a powerful bomber explosion, which at the time of the accident carried a full ammunition. From the explosion, a 40-meter-diameter funnel was formed. Since the place of the catastrophe was at Sivash, in due course the formed funnel filled with water. Well and further the nature has brought the amendments, as a result of which we have the present Ukrainian dead sea no worse than the analogue.

Color of the lake
If you look at the lake from a distance, it has a pink tint, the spectacle is unique.
The reason for this is not an ordinary phenomenon is very simple, there are algae that, during their flowering, give a saturated bright color to the reservoir.
In recent years, Lemurian Lake is visited by more and more tourists.
Especially popular is the Ukrainian miracle of nature among photographers, it is an ideal place for photography.

How to get to the Lemurian lake:
Getting to the lake is not difficult. From Kherson, there are regular flights to the regional center of Chaplink, then go by bus or taxi to the village of Grigorovka, where the Lemurian lake is located.
From the district center to the village about 18 km.
The territory is well-groomed, there are cozy gazebos, shower cabins, sunbeds, parking, for children equipped children’s playground. The entrance to the lake is free.
With housing problems will not arise, locals rent rooms to tourists for a very reasonable price.


Adress: from. Grigorovka, Chaplinsky district, Kherson region

GPS coordinates:  46°14’28″N 33°44’10″E

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