Tree of Life, Chernigov

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Not every country in the world can be proud of its rich cultural heritage and we, the Ukrainian people, are very lucky in this regard. Indeed, on the territory of Ukraine, there are incredibly many historical, natural and archaeological sites, where you can spend your leisure time.

Today, when it comes to tourist places in Ukraine, it’s easier to say what we don’t have than to list all the sights of Ukraine. The choice is so huge that sometimes it is extremely difficult to decide Where to relax in Ukraine? or Where to go for a weekend with a child?

Of course, it’s great when domestic tourism in our country is gaining popularity and we have the opportunity to organize an active vacation at sea, discover green tourism, experience all the delights of extreme recreation, go on exciting excursions in Western Ukraine, conquer mountains and rocks, go down into caves , enjoy the unearthly beauty of the desert, or retire on a desert island. Naturally, all this is wonderful, but modern art objects can decorate your leisure time no worse, leaving the most vivid memories. The monumental-spatial composition “The Tree of Life” in Chernigov is a vivid proof of this.

The pride and at the same time popular attraction of the Chernihiv region has a four-sided wooden structure, the width of each individual edge is 2 meters. The height of the composition reaches 10.5 meters. The size of the column is striking, penetrating the three floors of the museum premises in the center.

It is simply impossible to take your eyes off the artistic painting that complement the edges of the column. Each silhouette and each composition, as if returning us to the pages of books to the literary heroes of M. Kotsyubinsky, who are so familiar to each of us from the school desk.

This unique work, which has no analogues in the whole world, was created especially for the museum. It is also the basis of the literary exposition of the Chernigov Memorial Museum of the Reserve to the Ukrainian writer Mikhail Mikhailovich Kotsyubinsky.

It should be noted that the monumental-spatial composition “The Tree of Life”, on May 18, 2017, was entered in the register of the Ukrainian Book of Records as the largest wooden sculpture. Therefore, if you have free time, then if possible, visit the local museum to see this unique work. And remember, a modern museum is not boring, it’s cool! You shouldn’t live with outdated stereotypes. Believe me, museums in Ukraine can surprise you, just look and rate!

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