Flooded quarry, Gubnik

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On the threshold of the summer season, as a rule, we are concerned about the choice of a cozy place to relax.
Naturally, everyone has a favorite place, but sometimes you want to discover something new.
Therefore, if you prefer ecotourism, like to relax in nature in silence, enjoy fishing, then you definitely should visit the flooded quarry near the village of Gubnik. The quarry here is known for its crystal clear water and great depth.
According to divers, the depth of a piece of water reaches 120 meters.

How to get to the province of Gubnik?

The village of Gubnik itself is located in the Gaysinsky district, and it is 115 km from the city of Vinnitsa.
Therefore, getting to the place of rest is not difficult, especially if you are using your own car.
Our summer journey began directly from Vinnitsa.
They laid their route through Bratslav, then moved along the district Ladyzhyn.
So, if you stick to our route, when you reach the intersection, you will see a sign in front of Gubnik, turn left.
Then you need to drive about 2 km, then run into the railway crossing, cross it.
From this moment you need to drive about 1 km and turn left again.
Next, head straight to the so-called circle and again left, 500 meters along the dirt road – you are at the finish line. As you can see, there is nothing complicated.

Route to the Gubernitsky career

Nearest sights of Vinnytsia region

  1. Cherepashinsky quarry. To get to the career, which is located near the village of Cherepashintsy, you need to overcome 157 km.
  2. Gaidamatsky Yar, Bushan Castle and Cossack Cemetery. These sights can be seen at with. Bush, if you overcome 140 km.
  3. Hitler’s headquarters in the town of Strizhavka. Attraction of the Second World War in the Vinnitsa region. If you start from with. Gubnik, then to the rate of only 124 km.
  4. Ilyinetsky crater. The place is very interesting and not far located from the province of Gubnik. More precisely, it can be seen in the vicinity of the city of Ilintsy, and this is 73 km of the way.
  5. Potocki Palace (Tulchin). The architectural construction is only 52 km away.
Address: quarry, p. Gubnik, Gaysinsky district, Vinnytsia region

GPS coordinates: 48°37’9.048″N 29°18’35.9208E  

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