Vinnitsa Maldives

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To my great regret, many magnificent corners of Ukraine remain little-known in the tourist field. I would like to hope that this trend will change in the near future, and of course the best side.
After all, hundreds of architectural beauties are concentrated in the open spaces of our country: exquisite palaces and majestic castles, legendary manors and ancient fortresses, which after centuries rise to heaven and silently keep the secrets of the past.
Behind each old architectural structure has its own history, tragedy and legend.
Many historical sights of Ukraine belong to the UNESCO heritage, which they know outside our country.
Not a few structures are considered unique in their kind and have no analogues in the world.
The natural wonders of Ukraine can also surprise even the most experienced tourist.
On our generously gifted land there is almost everything: bizarre forms of rocks and canyons, desert, forests, mysterious caves, majestic Carpathians, noisy waterfalls, seas with snow-white beaches, thermal waters, islands, rivers and lakes with incredibly clear turquoise water.

Perhaps it should be noted that there are more than enough lakes in Ukraine.
Some have a natural origin, others did not appear without human participation.
So, a reservoir that deserves attention and which is worth visiting for everyone, the locals often call the Vinnitsa Maldives.
And all this is due to the fact that the water in the lake has the same rich turquoise-blue hue and crystal clear water, as in the famous Maldives.
A water miracle is located near the village of Cherepashyntsi at the site of the quarry, where they once finished off granite.
It has rocky shores and is surrounded by a magnificent coniferous forest and a gentle beach. A great option for summer holidays among the magnificent nature.
The depth of the reservoir in some places reaches almost 100 meters.
Today the lake is one of the most popular reservoirs in the Vinnitsa region, where you can spend your leisure time superbly.

How to get to the Cherepashinsky career

For example, let’s consider a fairly popular route that takes you to the pond.
And so, if you prefer to travel on your own transport, then you need to adhere to the highway M21, in the direction of Vinnitsa-Kiev.
Next, be especially careful not to miss the turn to the village of Cherepashyntsi.
As a guide, pay attention to the sugar factory, it is located at the desired turn.
If you are careful, do not miss.
Then confidently move in the direction of the village Cherepashyntsi, which is about 3 km away.
On the left you will see a lake in front of you, without turning anywhere, keep heading for ul. Lenin and only then you need to turn right.
If you do everything right, then you will be taken to the street. Factory.
Then move right up to the fork in front of the quarry itself.
In this place, turn right, here you will not have the best road, so be very careful.
Overcoming a few hundred meters, you reach your goal.
Here it remains the case for small, choose a suitable place for parking and a picnic.

Flooded Cherepashinsky pit, route

Nearest attractions:

1. Goering Bunker, Guliцыcy – 12 km
2. The Prince’s Palace, Guschintsy- 26 km
3. Kholonevsky Palace, Ivanov- 27 km
4. Bunker Werewolf, Strizhavka– 35 km

Address: with. Cherepashyntsy, Kalinovsky district, Vinnitsa region.

GPS coordinates: 49°31’10.1″N 28°35’08.9″E  

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