Festival of Ukrainian Medieval Culture “Tu Stan”

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Ukrainian Carpathians conceal many amazing places, where history was created and legends were born. As a rule, we do not even suspect the existence of a majority.
Tustan is proof of this.
Its majestic cliffs rise to heavenly expanse, as if reminding the younger generation of the former glory of the region, history and brave heroes.

Tustan in our time

Describe the words seen, it is simply impossible.
It is difficult to imagine and realize what a person is capable of in order to protect his land.
When you see before you the incredible size of the rock, you can not believe that in the distant past there was a wooden fortress on them that has no analogues in the world.
According to the saved historical data, the height of the fortress reached 90 meters, if to compare with our modernity, it is like a usual five-storey house.
The main purpose of the structure was to defend the western borders of Rus, as well as control the silk road that passed through the local land.

Tustan in the old days

In an effort to preserve a piece of our history and to remind of the greatness of the people, here every year they host a festival of medieval culture “Tu Stan”. Guests of the event are expected bright knight fights, tournaments, shooting from crossbows and bows, theatrical performances,
a musical program, a wide variety of master classes and, of course, a medieval fair.
This year, the organizers of the Tu Tu-2018 Festival prepared an excellent entertainment program, in which anyone can take part. You will have the opportunity to take part in the night storming of the fortress, enjoy an unforgettable laser show and travel “The Time Machine” in the distant past in virtual reality.

It should be noted that special attention is paid to the children in the planning of the festival.
For toddlers a children’s fortress with interesting entertainments and performances has been designed.
Therefore, be sure, your children will not be bored.

Tu Stan Festival photo gallery

The main goal of the festival is to popularize historical monuments of Ukraine, to remind and deepen knowledge about the history of our people.
Such a course in the very development and acquisition of new knowledge, do not harm either you or your children.
So if you have the opportunity and desire, do not miss your chance to visit the festival.
This year you are expecting a completely new and exciting medieval combat program, which has no analogues in the vastness of our country.

The festival of Ukrainian medieval culture “Tu Stan” is planned for August 3 – 5 near Urych village, Skole district, Lviv region.

Interesting facts about Tustan

1. Tustan is located in the national nature park “Skole Beskids.”
2. In 1970, the film “Zakhar Berkut” was shot here.

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