Basalt pillars

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Nature does not cease to amaze humanity with its craftsmanship and unique creations, from which it is simply breathtaking. On the territory of Ukraine there are a lot of natural wonders where it is possible to have a wonderful time at any time of the year.
The choice is so huge that we often can not decide where to relax in winter or summer.
Therefore, for those who prefer ecotourism, it is definitely worth paying attention to the Basalt Pillars geological reserve.
The stone columns, polyhedra, like guardians majestically rise to heaven, creating the unique beauty of this place.

What is the uniqueness of basalt pillars?

It is worth noting that basalt is a very rare rock of volcanic origin. The presence of basalt pillars on the flat terrain of the Rivne region, is in itself an amazing fact. Thanks to fossils, the teachings have the opportunity to study ancient volcanism in more detail.

The thickness of the basalt columns balances from 0.6 to 1.2 meters, the height ranges from 2 to 30 meters. In their shape, these are four, seven and octagonal massive pillars.

Today, Basalt pillars are a geological reserve that anyone can visit.
Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque panorama of the local area and take a walk in the surroundings of the popular attractions of the Rivne region.

Basalt pillars, interesting facts

  1. The Basalt Pillars Preserve, represented the Rivne region in the prestigious competition “7 Natural Wonders of Ukraine” in the end, the unique geological deposit of basalt reached the final.
  2. On the territory of the geological reserve there are many valuable minerals, for example: native copper, hematite, azurite and many others. Often there are even gems.
  3. Mined basalt from the Ivanovo Valley laid out squares in London, Moscow and Paris.

How to get to the reserve Basalt poles?

The geological reserve is located 380 kilometers from Kiev.
To achieve the desired goal, you can use your personal car or public transport.

If you prefer to travel on your own car, which is much more convenient, then head for Zhytomyr – Rivne – Sarny-Kostopol. Then you need to turn left to the village of Lesopole, then move to the village of Berestovets. In about 15 kilometers you will reach the village of Bazaltovo. At the place, follow the signs that I will bring you to the reserve.

Public transport is not entirely comfortable, but easy to reach. First you need to love the convenient way to reach the city of Rivne or you can come to Klevan.
Then, if from Rivne, then we transfer to the bus to Bazaltovo, and if from Klevan – keep track in the village of Zlaznoe. Upon arrival, you will need to walk almost 2 km and you are there.

Tourist note. If you are in the village of Klevan, you can visit two very popular sights of the Rivne region: Klevan Castle and the Tunnel of Love.

Address: s. Basalt, Kostopolsky district, Rivne region.

GPS coordinates: 50.922646, 26.234326

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