Picturesque Bourbun Waterfall

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If you want to spend your weekend brightly, calmly and in nature, away from the usual hustle and bustle, then the picturesque waterfall Bourbun will be the best idea for such a trip.
Few people know about the sights of the Khmelnitsky region, therefore it is not crowded and the pristine natural beauty is preserved, but so far.

A miracle of nature is located in the canyon of the Bobravka River.
It descends from a picturesque gorge from a height of five meters, then falls into a small lake with a roar. The water in it is very clean with a gentle turquoise hue, but unfortunately it is very cold, so you can easily catch a cold even in summer. But, the locals still bathe in the lake, even in not the best weather.

The reason for the low temperature regime of the water is that the gorge itself is formed of silicon rocks and shell rock, and is also surrounded by dense vegetation, through which solar heat can not warm the water.

Bourbun Waterfall, as a natural attraction, is great for family travel and green tourism. Moreover, the place itself is located almost on the path of many popular tourist routes, for example, the city of Kamenetz-Podolsk where there are more than 152 historical sites.

If you live near the Burbun waterfall and don’t know where to go for a vacation in the Khmelnitsky region on the weekend, then pay your attention to the local region. A lot of pleasant impressions, magnificent photos and videos are guaranteed for your memory!

Address: s. Lysets, ur. Maly Yar, Dunaevets district, Khmelnitsky region.

GPS coordinates: 48°48’11.9”N, 27°0’23.82”E

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