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There is a mysterious land in Ukraine, where ancient coral reefs still remember when they were the bottom of the sea. Where is the wind that once carried the sounds of cannon shots from Turkish galleys, today it peacefully walks over the water waves. Podolsk Tovtry crowned the stone horizons like a crown. Their low hills covered with wooded caps twist like an ancient serpent for hundreds of kilometers, overcoming the borders of several regions.

15 million years ago, when the Sarmatian Sea began to disappear, it nevertheless, through time, left a reminder of its existence. Huge mountains, boulders above the horizon and the remains of fossilized shells that once lay in the warm waters. Today they are scattered in the millions over the Tovtr hills. The sea went into obscurity, but the coral reef remained. Somewhere it is densely covered with greenery, reliably hiding its deepest secrets, and somewhere it reveals its true essence, presenting food for thought to scientists about the past of millions of years ago.

Podolsk Tovtry is a rocky ridge of an arched shape, where you can watch an incredible panorama of the surroundings for hours. For several years in a row, the unreal beauty of nature has been attracting tourists like a magnet from all over our country, Europe and the CIS countries.

The popular tourist location was honored to enter the seven natural wonders of Ukraine, as well as added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Therefore, when planning your next trip to Ukraine, keep in mind that Podolsk Tovtry today is an ideal option for those who choose the best tourist routes in Ukraine for the whole family. Especially when it comes to green tourism and extreme recreation.

Over 260 thousand hectares of this unique landscape are protected by the National Natural Park “Podolski Tovtry”. By the way, it is the largest park in Ukraine and Europe. These lands of the Khmelnytsky region more than 20 years ago became protected, recreational and agricultural under protection and special supervision, and a dozen landscape and botanical reserves are not at all accessible to the outside eye of man. Natural oases of national importance have 4 geological natural monuments. Among them is China’s urban outcrop, which has given scientists answers to many questions about the evolution of life on Earth.

The origin of the Podolsk Tovtr

Remains of coastal reefs from the once ancient coastline of the Sarmatian Sea, 15 million years ago, in the process of vital activity of living organisms, a winding limestone chain of rocks was formed, which we can see today. Numerous and well-preserved finds in limestone fractures (corals, varieties of mollusks, remains of turtles and sea urchins) testify in favor of the origin of Podolsk Tovtras from marine organisms in the Tolt and Sarmatian eras.

A popular natural landmark of the Khmelnytsky region is distinguished by a unique geological structure, which has no analogues in the whole world. But, nevertheless, similar limestone landscape ridges, as close as possible to the Ukrainian Tovtras, in terms of geological features, can be seen in the UK and the USA.

A little about the natural park Podilsky Tovtry

Perhaps it is worth noting that Tovtry originates from the Ukrainian Carpathians. Hills, all shades of green, rise one after another in a chain up to 400 meters high. If we rely on exact figures, then in the entire park there are 160 hills. Naturally, in their parameters they are different, somewhere higher, and somewhere lower.

The total number of historical and architectural objects that belong to the national park reaches over 300 locations. This list includes numerous castles, towers, rock monasteries, caves, manors, parks and much more.

On the territory of Tovtr, a lot of complexes are concentrated, having not only natural, but also man-made origin. The unique flora and fauna of the local region create ideal conditions for the development of tourism.

If you prefer independent travel around Ukraine, then it is best to start your acquaintance with the Podilsky Tovtry reserve from the magnificent city of Kamenets-Podolsky. It is not only the administrative center of Podolsk Tovtry, but also an open-air museum, where more than 152 tourist sites are concentrated. Kamyanets-Podilskyi castle is one of them.

The protected area has a special microclimate, so more than 60 plant species that are listed in the Red Book grow here.

Rest in Podolski Tovtrakh

As part of the development of the program “Domestic tourism in Ukraine”, various competitions are often held here. Therefore, for everyone there are various sports games, hot air balloon travel, hang gliding, as well as paragliding.

Vacationers are offered interesting tourist routes and individual excursions for every taste. This can be: horseback riding, hiking eco-trails, car, water and bicycle routes. If you wish, you can easily organize exciting rafting on the Dniester using a kayak or catamaran.

If you do not have the opportunity to organize a seaside vacation in the summer and visit the popular resorts on the Black Sea to improve your health. Don’t be upset! Indeed, on the territory of the natural park Podolski Tovtry there are large reserves of mineral waters, which contributes to the effective development of preventive and therapeutic complexes and health-improving recreation in the region.

Extreme tourism in this area is highly popular. Especially when it comes to the caves of Ukraine. Therefore, if you are a professional or novice speleologist and are puzzled by the question of how to spend your leisure time in the Podolski Tovtry park? Be sure you will find something to do with yourself. For example, you can explore the Karmalyukovaya cave in the village of Privorottya.

Interesting places in Podolski Tovtray

It doesn’t matter what your “weekend getaway” goal you set for yourself. It will be a one-day or multi-day excursion, outdoor recreation with a tent and barbecue, or fishing.
In any case, a great rest and vivid impressions are guaranteed to you. Accordingly, if you have puzzled yourself with the question Where to relax in Ukraine in the summer? And you are interested in the best ideas for family travel in Podilsky Tovtray, then pay special attention to the most popular natural attractions of the Khmelnytsky region, which are located in the park zone:

The flooded village of Bakota.
If the rest in Ukraine is so that it is quiet, cozy and around the fabulous beauty of nature, then this, of course, is the picturesque Bakota. Magnificent panorama of the surroundings, the ancient rocks of the monastery, will be the perfect place for tranquility and reunion with nature.

The village of Staraya Ushitsa, Kamyanets-Podilsky district, Khmelnytsky region.

Owl yar
Nature celebrates a banquet here at any time of the year. It is great in these places in winter and spring, and in summer and autumn. Orchids and a beech grove grow amid the serene atmosphere, the water element washes the shores, steep cliffs rise and rare species of birds live.

The reserve, which spreads out its possessions just 30 km from Kamenets-Podolsk. It is often called “Little Switzerland”.

Cave atlantis
If we analyze excursion tours around Ukraine, then one of the most popular destinations in Western Ukraine among tourists is the Atlantis Cave. Today, the tourist location is part of the National Natural Park “Podolski Tovtry” and is in high demand among travelers. And this is not surprising, because three-tiered underground labyrinths, crystals and unearthly beauty with stone flowers touch the living.

Since Podilsky Tovtry occupy Gorodoksky, Chemerovetsky and Kamenets-Podilsky districts in the Khmelnitsky region, when planning your tourist route, you should decide in advance which attractions you want to visit.

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