Botanical reserve “Vorotnev” near Lutsk

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Today more and more Ukrainians prefer to spend their leisure time outdoors, in the forest with a tent, by the lake or conquer the Ukrainian Carpathians. Apparently, the global lockdown, nevertheless, forced many of us to overestimate our attitude to nature. Therefore, it is natural that green cycling tourism in Ukraine is gaining immense popularity. If you are among those who prefer to travel to the green zones of our country instead of a noisy beach holiday or modern entertainment centers, then Volyn Switzerland, as the locals call the Vorotnev botanical reserve near Lutsk, is an ideal option for you!

Tourist eco-route through the Vorotnev nature reserve

For supporters of walking and cycling, the foresters of the reserve have developed a tourist route, as well as equipped cozy recreation areas on the territory of the botanical complex. The total length of the eco-route is 10 kilometers. It is important to note that it is suitable exclusively for cycling and hiking. It is prohibited to travel by car or mopeds, litter and burn fires. But to ride on well-equipped and safe paths, where there are no sharp turns, you are always welcome.

Naturally, the regular guests of the new tourist location are the Lutsk youth, who are very much attracted by the new type of rest after study or work. But there are also plenty of visiting tourists here. After all, the botanical reserve is a great option for a family weekend getaway. In addition, the hard surface among the forest thickets allows you to ride a bike leisurely in any weather. And this is, in fact, very cool!

Botanical reserve “Vorotnev” is not only an opportunity to actively spend your leisure time, but also allows you to discover something new and informative. After all, along the eco-route you can see a lot of Red Book plants, open-air cages with wild animals, a forest apiary and enjoy the taste of spring water from a well.

Tourist notes

If you are planning to visit the Vorotnev Botanical Reserve near Lutsk and you are interested in other interesting and most famous sights of the Volyn region, then take a note of what else you can see nearby?

Since it is only 18 kilometers from the village of Vorotnev to Lutsk, it is almost a stone’s throw, and you have not yet seen the Lutsk castle, then this needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

You are from those who have always dreamed of visiting Holland, especially during the flowering season of tulips and chrysanthemums, then go 40 kilometers from Lutsk to the village of Svidniki, where the Volyn Holland festival is taking place.

Among the popular attractions of Lutsk, you should pay attention to: the house with chimeras in Lutsk, the Lutsk zoo and the undergrounds of Lutsk.

Author ⁞ Grebovich N.I. ⁞ 02.10.2021

Address: from Vorotnev, Lutsk district, Volyn region.


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