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With the onset of the summer season, many have difficulties with the choice of a place to relax.
Naturally, everyone wants to choose a unique, interesting and very beautiful option, where you can perfectly spend your free time.
For those who prefer to relax surrounded by forests on the shore of the reservoir, the complex “Blue Lakes” – an ideal option for summer holidays, especially with children.
This magnificent paradise of Polissya is considered the best of the few ecologically clean tourist places in Ukraine and Europe.

Incredibly, the Blue Lakes are the result of a large-scale industrial activity of a person. For a long time, quartz sand of high quality was produced here from which glass was produced.
Over time, the industrial process was stopped because the workers reached the artesian layer. As a result, all the careers of the neighborhood were filled with water from the bowels of the earth, which has unique healing properties.
Water procedures on the Blue Lakes have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system, the condition of the hair and skin.

Since the sand in the reservoirs differs in properties and color from the usual, the water has a bright blue hue. Actually, that’s why they were called the Blue Lakes.

The complex “Blue Lakes” includes 4 magnificent ponds.
The most popular among tourists is Lake Bolshoi, an area of 25 hectares and a depth of 20 m.
At its shores there is a popular complex “Blue Lakes”, where there are wonderful places for recreation with two white beaches and a VIP-zone.
The area around the complex is fenced and guarded.
Here there are cozy lodges for campers of different classes, a camping town, an “economy”, a “standard” and of course a “comfort” class. The complex has modern
sports grounds for adults and children, cozy gazebos, restaurants, a sauna, a shooting range, bicycle rental, a guarded parking lot, water entertainment.
For lovers of fishing, the ideal lake is ideal.
It is much calmer here, especially during the summer season and many fish are found.
For therapeutic procedures is suitable Small Lake, rich in curative clay, which positively affects the joints. Here, the locals usually prefer to relax.
Closer to the Belarusian side, you can visit 4 of the lake from the Blue Lakes complex, it is not very popular among tourists because of the cold water.

You can rest here not only in summer but also in winter: this place is known for its rich hunting grounds, winter entertainment and fishing. In addition, the complex holds international festivals and folk festivals all year round.
Also, thanks to the magnificent forests, you can enjoy wildlife – there are almost all kinds of mushrooms and forest berries.
I assure you that once you visit the Blue Lakes, you will definitely want to come back again and again – this is really a paradise piece of land.

How to get to the Blue Lakes?
To get to this heavenly place is not difficult.
The reservoirs are located almost at the border with Belarus, and so close that mobile often switch to roaming.
No matter from what region of Ukraine you are planning your route, in any case you need to keep a course on the village of Oleshnya.
Unfortunately there is no railway station, but you can get by train to Grybova Rudnia station, and then walk less than a kilometer and you are on the spot.

Note for tourists:
If you wish, you can book an excursion or visit the village of Dobryanka yourself, where a very old monastery of 1790 is located.
The building is located near the village of Oleshnia, you can get to the place by public transport.

In an hour drive from the Blue Lakes, you can visit the wonderful and cozy town of Lubech, there are interesting sights worth seeing: Antoniev Cave, Castle Mountain, Savior Transfiguration Church, Kamenitsa Polubotka.

Book a summer cottage in the complex “Blue Lakes” you can on the site ozera.cn.ua

Adress: from. Oleshnya, Repkinsky district, Chernihiv region.

GPS coordinates: 51.963629, 31.165874

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