Biryuchiy Island

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Biryuchy Island is a picturesque and favorite place for summer holidays among many tourists, the land of white sand and the cleanest sea of ​​a gentle turquoise hue, a paradise with pristine nature, unique flora and fauna. In fact, the island is part of the sand spit with a total length of 24 km, which is located between the Sea of ​​Azov and the Utlyuk estuary.
Most of the time this is a single land territory, but during the storm season a significant part of it is hidden under water. Thus, nature turns Biryuchiy into a real island, and although it is not always cut off from the world, the status of the island is fixed to it.

Geographically, the Biryuchiy territory is part of the Kherson region, but the paradox is that it has no land communication. Therefore, to get to it by land, it is necessary to call in from the Zaporizhzhya region, to be more precise, through Kirillovka and Fedotova spit.

Today Biryuchy Island is a very popular attraction of the Kherson region, where you should go on purpose and for a long time. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Ukraine and do not know where to relax in the summer, then feel free to go to the Azov-Sivash National Nature Park.

Biryuchy Island, story

There is a legend that the creation of the island is related to Peter I, who gave the order to fill it as a strategically important barrier for Turkish ships.
And although similar facts still exist in the history of mankind, the majority are rather skeptical about this version, believing that Biryuchiy created exclusively nature.
Some historians and local historians argue that this place could be the haven of the royal Scythians, and the island itself was previously called the Wolf.

The status of the reserve Biryuchy was assigned in 1927, and already in 1993 it was legally approved as the Azov-Sivash National Natural Park. Today, the total territory of the park reaches almost 33 thousand hectares, while Biryuchiy is its integral part.

At one time, fisheries flourished here: 2 fish factories functioned simultaneously.
On the island was a small fishing village, but as a result of severe flooding it flooded. Restoration work was not carried out. Although at the moment part of the premises remains, though today they are empty. Of the permanent residents here are huntsmen who monitor the flora and fauna, accompany scientific expeditions to the reserve.

In 1878, a lighthouse was built especially for fishermen off the coast of the island, which initially had a wooden base, then it was replaced by a modern brick lighthouse.
Today, it is a visiting card of the island of Biryuchiy.

Flora and fauna of Privet

Since the main part of the island is a conservation area, the local flora and fauna pay special attention. Therefore, a favorable environment has been created here for the conservation and natural increase in the population of rare species of animals, birds, and vegetation.
Walking the territory of the natural park, you will meet red deer, the number of which exceeds more than a thousand heads.
The population of fallow deer is much larger, there are almost 2 thousand.
Among the permanent inhabitants there are mouflons, kulans, raccoon dogs, foxes, hares, pheasants, swans, white herons and much more.

I would like to note that for everyone who wants to see the flora and fauna of the island of Biryuchy, the reserve guide daily at exactly 6 p.m. accompanies a car safari.
At the gates of the reserve gathers a column of vehicles, which slowly moves behind the escort vehicle. From time to time they make a halt so that tourists have the opportunity to observe in the natural environment the inhabitants of the reserve that they meet on the way.
Auto safari service is paid.

Why is Buiruchy called the island of presidents?

The informal name of Biryuchy is the island of presidents, and all because the top officials of our country often rested here. Good climatic conditions, the beauty of pristine nature and the secrecy of the place caught the eye of Nikita Khrushchov, who was overly fond of hunting, thereby contributing to the creation of a hunting reserve.
As a result, a summer house was erected for Khrushchev at Biryuchi, which, according to official data, he visited once.
Perhaps it should be noted that next to the Khrushchev building, the presidential residence, which was built during the time of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Lazarenko, is located much more luxuriously. A very important meeting of the presidents, Leonid Kuchma and Vladimir Putin, took place within its walls.

How to get to the island of Biryuchiy?

Today the island is open for tourists and anyone can visit it, which was not 20 years ago. There are currently two tourist routes. The first option is to book a boat trip to Biryuchiy Island from Genichesk.

The second option is a land route. Starting point from Kirillovka, which is located just 20 km from Biryuchy.

Where to stay?

There are only two options to settle on Biryuchiy Island: a recreation center or a tent.
It should be noted that there are more than enough places for camping: there is where to park a car and put up a tent.

If you prefer to stay in the best recreation center of the area, then pay attention to the high-class hotel “Gulfstream”, which is located almost “under the nose” of the Biryuchy island. The price for accommodation balances from 800 to 2500 thousand per day, but the conditions and service are worth it.

The recreation center “Gulf Stream”, about. Biryuchiy

If there is a desire to settle closer to nature, then for you there is an option to stop at the very border with the protected area, namely: recreation centers “Zolotoy Bereg” or “Lyubava”.
From the benefits of civilization, there is a store, a first-aid post and more.

Perhaps you should pay attention to another very interesting option that not everyone manages to realize – get permission from the leadership of the park in Genichesk and settle directly on the island, renting housing in the vicinity of the rangers.

As for the village of Kirillovka, which is considered the most popular resort on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov, here you will find not only options for where to settle, but also a lot of entertainment: an aqua park, an amusement park, a dolphinarium, an equestrian school, Kirillovskaya Sich, a light and music fountain, a billiard club and much more another.

Address: about. Biryuchy, Genichesky district, Kherson region.

GPS coordinates: 46°7’36”N 35°6’11”E

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