Cahul Lake

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Recently, tourists are increasingly interested in the natural sights of Ukraine on the shore of the sea or lake, where you can have a wonderful, and most importantly relax your family.
After all, you can organize a good vacation in the summer not only by visiting the popular resorts of the Mykolayiv region or the resorts of the Kherson region, active recreation is also possible by the lake with a snow-white beach, untouched nature, fishing, flavorful barbecue, spending the night in a tent and silence. Cagul Lake is just the place where you can have a great time, especially if you are a fan of green tourism, love nature and fishing.

A fascinating panorama of the surroundings that opens from the rocky shore of the lake is not to be forgotten! The noise of birds, the wind, the splashing of water, the rustle of foliage so soothes.
At such a moment, you realize the obvious, how little we need for happiness and peace!
Therefore, if you are already planning your vacation in Ukraine and do not know where to relax in the Odessa region, then pay attention to Cahul Lake.

Cahul Lake – tourist place, description

Cahul is characterized as a flood lake. The maximum depth of the reservoir reaches almost seven meters. It is 11 kilometers wide and 18 kilometers long.
Along the perimeter of Cahul is untouched wildlife: steppe expanses, reeds and trees.
In the summer, the temperature reaches +30 ° C, so it is very hot here, but there are more than enough places near the coast where you can hide in the shade, enjoying relaxation and silence.

What to do on Cahul Lake

When planning a family trip to this land, you should know that the infrastructure on Lake Cahul is not suitable for modern tourism. There are no water rides, entertainment complexes, cafes or hotels.
Therefore, if you are used to visiting tourist places of Ukraine with good conditions for living and outdoor activities, then you should think carefully whether this place is really suitable for your leisure time.
After all, the charm of relaxing on Lake Cahul is precisely that it is an ideal place for cycling, picnics, camping, fishing enthusiasts, exploring the places of rare birds nesting, cooking at the stake and outdoor activities.

If you decide to organize a vacation on Cahul Lake this summer, you need to stock up on food and drinking water in advance!

Address: Lake Cahul, village Nagornoe, Reni district, Odessa region.

GPS coordinates: 45°23′15″ с. ш. 28°23′58″ в. д

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