Shatskie lakes

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Shatskie lakes are an ecologically clean and ideal place for family holidays, especially with children.
It is incredibly beautiful and cozy.
There is a popular and main attraction of the Volyn region in the Lyuboml and Shatsky districts.

Shatskie lakes provide a group of more than 30 lakes that are an integral part of the Shatsk natural national park. The total area of the reserve is 32,500 hectares.
The pearl of the national nature park is rightly considered to be the magnificent lake Svityaz.
The depth of the pond reaches more than 58 meters and is considered the largest lake in Ukraine, even the Sea of Azov has only 14 meters of depth.
The water in it is so clean that you can easily see the sandy bottom.

There are four recreation zones on the territory of the park – “Gryada”, “Svityaz”, “Gushov” and “Pesochnoe”, where you can spend your time with friends and family.
You can stop in a boarding house, a sanatorium, a recreation center, a private cottage or in a tent camp.

Miss you and your children do not have to, on the Shatskie lakes have something to do.
For lovers of outdoor activities, there are many exciting excursions on canoes, off-road cars, bicycles, yachts, diving and much more.
Who prefers quiet quiet rest can walk along the pine forest to pick berries and mushrooms, walk along the eco-cognitive routes or simply sunbathe on a snow-white beach.
And what kind of fishing!
In the clear waters of the Shatsky Lakes, there are more than 31 species of fish (catfish, perch, carp, pike, crucian carp, eel, eel). In some lakes there are even crayfish, so inveterate fishermen will have something to do at their leisure.

The main recreation areas on the Shatskie lakes:
Lake Svityaz – Shatsk village, Svitiaz village, Pulmo village.
Lake Pesochnoe – the village of Melniki and Haivka.
Lake Pulemetskoye – village Pulemets.
Useful information and tips for tourists:

If you plan to spend your free time on the Shatskie lakes in a tent, as we recommend, go to Lake Svityaz in the tent city “Nezabudka”
It is very cozy, quiet and clean, an ideal place to relax with children.
The territory is protected, there is lighting, toilets, cozy alcoves, small cafes.
You can enter the tent city on the car and choose any convenient place, lay out a tent and a fire.
Every evening, employees of the tent camp walk through the territory and collect payment for places,
Mi paid 20 UAH for the car and 20 UAH for the tent.

Every day here enterprising locals go, sell donuts with different fillings, straws, fish, crayfish, milk, pies.
Planning your holiday in the tent city “Nezabudka” be sure to take a few bottles of drinking water, in the complex there is water but it is technical.
We took the remedy for the mosquitoes, but they did not need us, the bloodsuckers here did not hit.
It is desirable to stock up the products in advance, especially with meat.
In the village of Svityaz, opposite the beach, there is a market every day, where you can buy anything.
I want to note the prices here are very different, it concerns both products and souvenirs.
Do not write off buying goods at once, walk around and ask the price.
The price policy is not respected here, who for how much he wants for that and sells.
I will put an example, my husband wanted to buy smoked fish for beer, looked at catfish, in one seller the price is 60 UAH and in another 150 UAH.
The difference in the catfish is absolutely not the same, the same size, the same kind of smoking only the price is different.
And this situation is absolutely with all products.

We rested at the lake for the whole family for a week, the impressions were wonderful, especially among the children.
We rented bicycles, the price is 30 UAH / per hour.
Overcome the hanging obstacles, the price of 50 and 75 UAH.
We rented kayaks, price 60 UAH / 1 hour, catamaran 100 UAH / 1 hour.
If you want, you can go by kayaks to the island, which is located on the lake’s environment.
Two hours is enough to take a leisurely stroll along the island and the road back and forth.
There is nothing special about the island, it’s deserted and there are a lot of birds, but it’s very beautiful.

Here you can try yourself in diving, there is no better place for this extreme lesson.
The water is so clean that the bottom of the lake is perfectly visible from 8 meters, even without any equipment.
In the sun, the sandy bottom literally shines, and the shoals of small fish float at your feet.
With such a crystal clear water I do not want to go ashore at all.
Here you can watch hours of white sandy serpentine bottom watching the underwater inhabitants of the lake.

Everyone can rent a cozy yacht from which a magnificent panorama to the surroundings of Lake Svityaz will open before you.

Our itinerary:
On our summer vacation we went from the wonderful and cozy town of Volochisk (Khmelnitsky region). Having overcome a huge mileage, I would like to note the quality of the road along our entire route in both directions.
If you evaluate the road on a 10-point scale, then I’m a driver, I estimate the Ukrainian road for 9 points. The road is super, a large part of our route is laid a new canvas, along such roads
Ride great fun.
And so, on the way to Svityaz lake, we visited: Zbarazh castle, Vishnevetsky palace, in the city of Kremenets visited the ruins of the Kremenets castle, then the Dubensk castle, and the Tarakanovsky fort, Lutsk castle.

On the way back, the ambassadors of a wonderful rest on Lake Svityaz we visited the town of Klevan, where the famous Love Tunnel and Klevan Castle are located, Ostroh Castle became our last sight on the way.

Lake Svityaz, video review

Address: with. Svityaz, Volyn region.

GPS coordinates: С 51° 28; 19. 2″В 023°49: 11.1″

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