National Nature Park “Kremenets Mountains”

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The National Nature Park “Kremenets Mountains” is one of many attractions
Ternopil region, which is worth a visit to every tourist.
A magnificent panorama of the neighborhood will leave good memories of the time spent here.

There is a natural park in the territory of the two districts of Kremenetsky and Shumsky.
The total area of the natural park is not small and not much 6 951.2 hectares.
Officially, the status of the National Natural Park “Kremenets Mountains” was approved in 2009 on December 11.
In fact, from this period, many Ukrainians have learned about the existence of a wonderful corner where you can have a great rest in the circle of friends and relatives.
Every year the cozy and friendly town of Kremenets is visited by more and more tourists.
There are a lot of places of interest in Kremenets and its environs, you can not cope for 1 day.

What is included in the National Natural Park “Kremenets Mountains”?

Several popular routes are laid on the territory of the park, from which a magnificent panorama to the surroundings opens.
First of all, you should be beaten on the Castle Hill of Bon, where they rise to heaven
Ruins of the fortress of the 18th century, as reminders of former glory.
The height of the mountain is 400 m, on the slopes you can see many rare plants and trees.
Before you will open an amazing panorama, an ideal place for photo and video.

Further you can go to God’s mountain, it is located only 10-12 km from the town of Kremenets
Near the village of Bolshye Berezhtsy.
God’s mountain has 365 meters of height, the total area occupies 2.6 km.
The place is unusual, it is known as one of the popular pilgrimage places of Ukraine.
The mountain is not typical has 2 peaks.
At the first, from the bowels of the earth beats a spring with a refreshing healing water.
On the second, to the sky rises a small chapel of the Holy Trinity.

Not far from the village of Stitch, Danilova Mountain is located, which is also worth a visit.
At its top is a small church presumably 14-17 centuries.
The mountain is sheltered by a magnificent forest, climbing to the top in front of you will open a breathtaking panorama of the valley, an ideal place for solitude.

Particular attention should be paid to the girls’ rocks, they are located on the outskirts of the city of Kremenets. Their height reaches 376 meters.
On the mountain you can see rare plants entering the Red Book, which can be
To meet only here.
With the girlish cliffs there are many interesting legends that still live in these places.
During the Tatar raids, young girls escaping slavery shaved their lives rushing from the cliff, since then these rocks are called Devichye.
Many local people say that from time to time you can take away the young
Girls standing by the cliff.

In the tract “Devichye Rocks” there is one more interesting point of interest, the Student Cave. Its length reaches more than 240 m, height 8 meters.
The cave is dry and has a narrow passage.
I want to note that this is not the only cave in this tract, next there are a few more such voids, though smaller.

In and around Kremenets:
Dzembowski Palace, Juliusz Słowacki Museum, Kremenets Botanical Garden, Kremenets Castle, Twin Houses, Cossack Cemetery, Student’s Cave, “Peschanka” Cave.
Religious sites:
Jesuit Monastery, St. Nicholas Cathedral, St. Stanislaus Church, Pokrovskaya (Regimental) Church.

Address: st. Osovitsa 2, Kremenets, Ternopil region.

GPS coordinates: 50°03’00”с.ш, 25°37’00”в.д

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