Kremenets Botanical Garden

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The story of the botanical garden is closely intertwined with education, Kremenets gymnasium.
In 1805, it was located in Kremenets g, and 14 years later, it was renamed the Lyceum.
Within the walls of the institution, at the time, the founders worked Botanical Garden: Dionysius Mac Clair, Willibald Besser, Zeydlid and Professor Franciszek Shade.
Joint forces and unconventional approaches, these people were able to create a beautiful garden, where today hundreds of tourists come from all over Ukraine.
Initially, the collection consisted of 2273 species of plants, which managed to collect Mc Clair from around the world, the time of their travel.
The total area occupied 4.5 hectares, the garden is divided into several sections:
1. Rosary;
2. The area for recreation;
3. Greenhouse;
4. Nursery;
5. Greenhouses.
B. Besser its activity within the walls of the Lyceum, started as a teacher of Zoology and Botany, and eventually took the position of director of the botanical garden.
That he was engaged in the organization of trips and excursions to various countries of the world, where the beat
It brought a huge number of plants.
A year later, overwork as director, Besser has published the first catalog of plants “Kremenets botanical garden.”
Due to its excessive work, he managed to create a piece of paradise.
Modern, garden area increased by 20 hectares, and plants range is constantly replenished.
Annual editions of directories with new specimens of plants, gardening enthusiasts surprised.

A huge contribution to the development of the garden have wonderful people Vintsel K. Hoffmann and the gardener.
Through joint efforts, the collection has increased from 2406 to 12 tys.vidov plants.
V.Besser organized a mutually beneficial cooperation with other bot.sadami worldwide.
Actively practiced vzaimnovigodnny exchange of seeds, plants and herbaria.

During 1830-31 high school was closed, and a significant part of the collection was transferred to the University of St. Vladimir, Kiev.
The first director of which was V.Besser.
The turbulent political time, a negative impact on the further destiny of the Botanical Garden.
It hit a period of decline.

                                               Kremenets Botanical Garden today

Since 2001, it began a new stage of restoration of past glory Kremenets botanical garden at the legislative level in Ukraine.
Significantly increased financing, held in the territory of a real recovery and garden update.
Today it occupies an area of 200 hectares, you can see: gorgeous landscapes, ancient
trees, an abundance of rare medicinal plants and ornamental shrubs.

Attractions g.Kremenets:

Dzembovskih Palace Museum Juliusz Slowacki, Kremenets Castle House twins Cossack cemetery Student Cave, National Park “Kremenets mountains,” Cave “gerbil”.
Religious objects:
Jesuit Monastery, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Church of Saint. Stanislaus, Intercession (regimental) church.

Address: Kremenets, st. Botanical 5, Ternopil region.

GPS coordinates: 50°6′4″N 25°44′12″E 

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