Mud-salt lake Solonets-Tuzla

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On the threshold of the summer season, I so want to take a break from everyday hustle and bustle, go somewhere far away, retire, enjoy nature and silence, do not rush anywhere and find an outlet.
As a rule, most of us in such a period ask the commonplace question how to successfully plan our holidays in Ukraine, especially if there are health problems.
Most often, a significant part of tourists choose a vacation on the Black Sea, where you can splendidly not only spend your leisure time, but also improve your exhausted body.
Indeed, people noticed the positive influence of sea air in ancient times, so they preferred to settle on the coasts.

Nowadays, thanks to modern technology and the accumulated knowledge of scientists, we know that summer vacations at sea are the best way to stabilize blood pressure and the blood-forming system, improve the entire metabolic process in the human body, strengthen the bone and muscle systems, increase immunity, and much more another.
Therefore, if you have the opportunity and desire to spend your free time on the seashore, pay attention to the mud-salt lake Solonets-Tuzly, which is located near the popular resort of Rybakovka in the Nikolaev region.
In its parameters, this is a very large body of water, with a total area of ​​8 km² and a coastline of 8 kilometers. The territory of the water surface often changes depending on weather conditions, there are seasons when the lake dries out completely, leaving a thick layer of salt.

The peculiarity of Solonets-Tuzla is that it positions itself as a deposit of therapeutic mud and salt. Based on research data, the water in the lake has a salinity of almost 70 ‰ and has healing properties. In other words, the salt lake Solonets-Tuzla is an open-air health resort and a panacea for many diseases. Accordingly, if you have already planned trips around Ukraine to the popular resorts of the Nikolaev region, then be sure to look into this place.

Interesting to know

  1. On the territory of Ukraine there are several salt lakes that belong to the unique natural attractions of our country, which deserve the attention of tourists: Salt Lake, Antonovka, Salt Lake and mines in Solotvino, Lemurian Lake or the Dead Sea.
  2. Once salt was mined in Solonets-Tuzla, today the lake has replenished the list of “popular attractions of the Nikolaev region”, which is perfect for family trips and outdoor activities at sea.
  3. The lake belongs to the protected area of the national natural park Beloberezh Svyatoslav.
  4. Solonets-Tuzla is the main nesting place for: gulls, swans, herons and pelicans.
Address: s. Rybakovka, Berezansky district, Nikolaev region.

GPS coordinates: 46°39′36″ с. ш. 31°23′12″ в. д.

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