Mount Hoverla

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Among the high mountains, covered with forests, has hidden pearl of the Carpathians, the highest mountain in Ukraine “Goverla”.
Hundreds of tourists from all over Ukraine and abroad, according to ascend not forgive trails to the top of the mountain.
Lifting height, not afraid of extremists, it attracts more and more willing to climb to the top.
mountain height is 2061 meters above sea level
Its route can be started from the base Zaroslyak, to enter the territory of the reserve charge.
Territory groomed, there are souvenir shops, campsites, parking can be expanded tent or rent a room.
Climb a mountain, you have two routes:
The first, more convenient, though long 4.3 km, the second tyazheleya route with steep climbs, but shorter, only 3.7 km away.
Most of the tourists prefer to climb a short route, and down long.
No matter which route you choose, good experience and an amazing view of your software.

At the foot of the waterfall is located, its height is 80 meters.
The spectacle is a very beautiful, ideal for panorama photography.

I recommend to visit the lake Nesamovite, it can be reached from the ridge on the Montenegrin Hoverla (the red route).

Address: Ivano-Frankivsk region, Vorokhta township, Zaroslyak base .
GPS coordinates: 48°9’37”N, 24°30’2”E
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