Crystal cave

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Our country, as if not read a book from which it is impossible to break away.
She is beautiful, mystical, diverse, romantic and mysterious.
On the expanses of Ukraine there are all the wonders of nature, where you can spend your leisure time splendidly: Ukrainian Carpathians, rocks, canyons, desert, waterfalls, rivers, seas, lakes, islands and of course caves.
We have more than enough of them, especially in the Ternopil region, which is known as the epicenter of the largest karst caves in Ukraine.
Therefore, if you are burning with the desire to plunge into the underworld, to discover something new, then you should definitely pay attention to the Crystal Cave.
A lot of positive emotions and good impressions guaranteed!

The Crystal Cave is a maze of dozens of branched and endless rooms. Nature itself worked on the design of the dungeon, complementing it with bizarre patterns and a fantastic relief.
Each separate room is unique in its own way, has its own opening history and name.
The total length of the caves, according to recent data, reaches 250 kilometers and refers to the geological monuments of nature of Ukraine.
A popular tourist route has been laid here, so anyone can enjoy the local extraordinary beauty, but only accompanied by a guide.

Crystal cave, notes for tourists

  1. The length of the tourist route is almost 2 km. The tour lasts no more than two hours.
  2. The mainsail is dry and easily walkable..
  3. Temperature is always stable, +10,6 ° C.
  4. It is important to note that the entire excursion route through the cave is well lit, safe and convenient..
  5. The crystal cave has healing properties, which is why it is especially useful for people with bronchial diseases and asthma.
  6. According to the work schedule on Monday, the day off. Tours start at 10:00

Nearby Attractions

Planning to visit a crystal cave, then it’s useful for you to know that within a radius of 100 kilometers there are several popular tourist places where you can relax and get new experiences.

Atlantis Cave -30 km;
Khotyn Fortress – 47 km;
Zalishchyky – 62 km;
Kamyanets-Podilsky Castle – 65 km;
Dzhurinsky waterfall and the ruins of Chervonogradsky Castle – 75 km.

Crystal Cave, video review

Address: s. Krivche, Borschevsky district, Ternopil region

GPS coordinates: 48°41’24”N 26°5’28”E  

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