Khotyn fortress

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Khotyn Fortress is a legacy of Kievan Rus.
Founded in (1201-1264) years of Daniel of Galicia on the bank of the Dniester.
Originally it was intended for defensive function, but in 1433 – 1504 years operated as a residence.
Fortress has experienced in its history: destruction, reconstruction, not just subjected to siege, but in spite of the difficulties, she is now in good condition.
There are many historical events occurred, no one solved the fate of nations.
Like every castle has its own mysteries, legends, interesting facts confirmation.

In any legend, as if it did not sound, there is some truth.
About Khotyn and Kamenetz-Podolsk fortress retold many legends, in which one believes, but for some it’s just a beautiful story, invented for gullible tourists.
But recently, quite by chance the legend of the underground passage between Khotyn and Kamenetz-Podolsk fortress, has become a reality!
During the excavations that were carried out in the “Old Castle“, was found beaten and partially cleared
tunnel, and he became a convincing argument proving the existence of the underground passage.

Interesting facts about the fortress:

In 2000, the castle was recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine

In the fortress were filmed episodes of the movie:
“A member of the Cheka,” “The Three Musketeers”, “Balad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe”, “Viper”, “In war as in war”
“Yassa”, “Arrows of Robin Hood”, “The Little Mermaid”, “The Prisoner of If Castle”, “Zahar Berkut”, “Black Arrow”, “Taras Bulba”
“Old Castle”, “Lion’s Tomb”, “The Little Mermaid.”

Address: Chernovtsy region, city Khotin, st. Fortress.
GPS coordinates: 48°31’19”N, 26°29’54”E
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