Lake Brebeneskul. Carpathians

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For many, vacation in Ukraine in the summer means beach vacations, resorts in the Nikolaev region, Kherson region and Odessa. But you can spend your leisure time splendidly in the Ukrainian Carpathians if, of course, you love outdoor recreation, you like green tourism and love visiting the unique natural sights of Ukraine.

Solitude with nature, enjoying its beauty is often the only way to collect your thoughts, take a different look at life and get rid of depression.
After all, it’s not in vain that people say, “The doctor treats the disease, but nature heals.”
Therefore, if you are already planning an independent trip to Ukraine and it is extremely difficult for you to decide where to relax in the Carpathians in the summer, then Lake Brebeneskul can be a good option.

Overcoming mountain ranges and obstacles in your path is a manifestation of character, especially if a trip to the mountains is a new activity for you. But, the very realization that you managed to achieve the desired result and that your view is the highest mountain lake in Ukraine, which spread its modest possessions at an altitude of 1,801 meters above sea level, makes you breathless and proud of your achievements.

A popular tourist destination is characterized by modest parameters: length – 134 meters, width balances from 28 to 44 meters, an area of ​​only 0.61 hectares, and a maximum depth of 2.8 meters.
The structure of the reservoir with glacial origin has an oval shape, while the coastline along the perimeter is very high and rocky.
The Carpathian mountain attraction is located in the gorge of the mountain peaks Gutin Tomnatic, as well as Brebeneskul. Due to the peculiarities of climatic conditions and of course the topography of the lake, you can often see snowdrifts of snow, even in early summer.
The main source of life for the lake is atmospheric precipitation and groundwater.

Note for tourists

  1. If your goal to Lake Brebeneskul is a photo shoot, then get ready to play luck roulette, the weather here is very changeable.
  2. It is important to remember that in the afternoon, when the sun goes down over the ridge by the lake, it gets colder. Therefore, do not forget to stock up on warm things.
  3. If your tourist route is aimed at Montenegro and you are walking nearby, the idea of going down overnight to Lake Brebeneskulu is bad. It is very cold here at night! It is much warmer near Lake Nesamovite, to which about 4 km of course along the ridge.

How to get to lake Brebeneskul?

To see the unique lake, you should go on a trip exclusively accompanied by a guide. It doesn’t matter here, it will be an individual mountain excursion or a tourist excursion along the Montenegrin ridge as part of a group. In any case, you have to overcome the route of 40 km, which will take three days to go.
Therefore, you should pre-stock warm clothes, a sleeping bag, a tent and groceries.

The tourist route along the Montenegrin ridge provides for climbing six mountain peaks – two thousand meters. At the same time, they include the highest mountain in Ukraine “Goverla” and more than 20 mountain lakes.

Address: Lake Brebeneskul, Montenegrin reserve massif, Rakhiv district, Transcarpathian region.

GPS coordinates:48.1021941, 24.561476500000026 

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