House with chimeras in Lutsk

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Western Ukraine is a very vibrant region of our country, especially in terms of tourism. The oldest city of Lutsk is no exception. Here you can spend your free time interestingly, without limiting yourself to an excursion to the official sights of Lutsk. There are more than enough modern locations in the city, which definitely deserve attention and will be of interest to tourists. One of these places is the house with the chimeras of the sculptor Golovan.

The sculptor of our time Nikolai Golovan has created a bright and at the same time really unusual house, which is hard to miss. The peculiarity of the building is its decor. An abundance of sculptures in antiquity, baroque and gothic styles immerse guests in an atmosphere of mystery. There are almost 500 of them here. Sculptures of various forms and images complement the house on the facade and roof, enveloping the building with an aura of mystery and mythicality.

If you have already planned to visit a house with chimeras in Lutsk and you are lucky enough to meet personally with its owner, then an exciting excursion, dedication to all the secrets and history of the unique house is guaranteed to you. After all, as for me, this is the only opportunity to understand the diversity and meaning of each statue.

Interesting places of Lutsk

Very often, when planning your travels around Ukraine by car, the city of Lutsk is part of a tourist route. After all, the territorial location and good road junction only contribute to this trend. At the same time, it does not matter at all whether you are an independent tourist and decided to spend a weekend here or discover this amazing city for yourself as part of an excursion tour, everyone has the same question: What to see in Lutsk? If you are one of them, then pay attention to the most interesting and popular tourist locations in the city of Lutsk:
1 Lutsk castle or Lubart castle
2 Lutsk Zoo
3 Dungeons of Lutsk

How interesting to spend time with your child in Lutsk?

Family travel, especially when it comes to children, is always a headache. Indeed, not in every city you can find really interesting places for kids, which will bring a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions, without visiting modern entertainment centers. Therefore, if you are parents who want to lure their child with science and history, so much so that it is really interesting and exciting for them, then you should visit in Lutsk: a museum of technical progress, a museum of troops and military equipment, a children’s railway or a center of traditional culture ” Honey hut “.

The best places for lovers in Lutsk

If you are planning to go somewhere for the weekend with a girl and your choice is the city of Lutsk, then you are not mistaken! After all, what could be more romantic than a walk through the old Lutsk. Rest assured, your leisure time will be exciting and fulfilling. Therefore, take a look at the tourist locations that love hearts prefer to visit most often: the park of culture and recreation named after the 900th anniversary of Lutsk, the botanical garden “Volyn” or the park named after Lesia Ukrainka.

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