Kinburn Spit

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Kinburn Spit is an incredibly beautiful paradise, which is washed by the waters of the Dnieper-Bug estuary and the Black Sea (Yagorlytsky Bay).
This popular landmark of Ukraine is located in Nikolaev region near the resort town of Ochakov. The length of the scythe is 40 kilometers, and its width is 10 kilometers.
Here everyone can perfectly and unforgettably spend their free time away from
Everyday worries.
Today, more than 70 species of rare birds, 60 species of animals and 500 species of rare plants live in the territory of 18,000 hectares of kosi, which is an integral part of the Black Sea Reserve. The magnificent flora and fauna of the Kinburn Kosi is fascinating.
This is the place where you will necessarily want to return again and again.

Sometimes it seems that the very nature of cherishing this place from prying eyes.
It’s not easy to get here, but the time spent on the road is worth it.
This place is completely different from the usual resort places of Ukraine, everything here is completely different, cozy and peaceful.

Legends and stories of Kinburn Kosi:

Kinburn Spit is a beautiful and at the same time a mysterious place, shrouded in legends and not likely stories. Historians and writers mentioned this fantastic corner. Who would have thought that the famous lines from our childhood “Lukomorya oak green, golden chain on an oak tree” .. written by Pushkin here on the Kinburn spit. Today, anyone can touch the same oak that the author wrote about, he grows up in Volhynin Forest.
In this region, there are legends about Scythian gold and charming Amazons.
The Greeks who lived on the peninsula for a while left their mark in the history of Kosi.
According to historical data, they successfully traded in the local parts, leaving a lot of legends and secrets. It is also known that the Turks and Tatars inhabited the braid, which, in turn, also left a part of their culture and history here.

On the Kinburn Spit there are more than 150 unique freshwater and salt lakes.
Here you can observe not a likely spectacle, fish spawning.
Just imagine, you are standing on the shore of the lake and see how dense schools of fish smoothly move one after another from one lake to another, and so on until they reach the sea.

On the spit there are several lakes rich in medicinal mud and salt, which the locals use for their needs.
Previously, despite the tiresome and dangerous road, the Chumak went here for Belim with gold.
Today here you can see huge pieces of salt, over 20 kilograms.

For lovers of fishing, this is a heavenly place.
Here are found: bulls, crabs, mussels, mullet, shrimp and much more.
The one that goes here on vacation do not forget to bring the necessary equipment.

Tips for tourists:
I recommend taking products, a couple of shops here of course there are but the choice is not very expensive. A small first aid kit should also be collected in advance, just in case.
Walking along the spit, be very careful, look under your feet, there are many poisonous snakes and spiders. Well, most importantly, be sure to stock up on mosquitoes.

How to get to Kinburn Spit:
First you need to get to the city of Nikolaev, by train or bus as you like.
Then take a ticket for a bus or minibus in Ochakov, the price is about 50 hryvnia.
On a note! You can book a bus ticket from your city directly to Ochakov.
I know for sure that there are direct flights from almost all regional centers of Ukraine, so take this
Information on your note.
Upon arrival in Ochakov, you need to transfer to the boat Ochakov – Kinburn spit from the berth 333-L.
The ticket price is about 80 hryvnia. The exact schedule does not tell you they often change, but the boat goes three times a day.
Since the Kinburn Spit in recent years has become a popular tourist attraction in the Mykolayiv region, for the development of tourism in the region, a boat is planned to be built from the city of Nikolaev where it is possible to get directly to the spit without a transfer. But these are just plans, but how really time will tell.

Where to stay at Kinburn Spit:

You can live in a tent, rent a room from local residents, settle in a recreation center or stop at a campsite.

Holiday Village «Kinburn House»
Hotel Pelican
Recreation center “Tavria”
Guest house “Blooming olive”
Hotel “Aromat”

Tourist objects on the Kinburn Spit:
Berezan Peninsula; Mud and salt lakes; Relict groves – Volyzhin forest, mysterious Kovalevskaya saga; The tract “Komendantskoe”; Ruins of the Kinburn Fortress.

Address: with. Pokrovka, Ochakivs’kyi district, Mykolaiv region.

GPS coordinates: 46°34’36”N, 31°30’43”E

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