Park “Trostyanets”

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The origin of the magnificent dendrological park “Trostyanets”, which delights in its natural beauty, we owe to the Ukrainian landowner Ivan Mikhailovich Skoropadsky.
It is difficult to say what motivated his desire to turn a typical swampy plain that was not noticeable into a masterpiece of landscape art.
Today there are several versions, but as for me, this is not so important.

Nowadays, the Trostyanets arboretum is a popular tourist destination where you can retire and enjoy nature. It is very calm and comfortable, ideal for the weekend.
Therefore, if you have free time, be sure to visit the local area.
Moreover, you can come here at any time of the year and enjoy the surrounding panorama. The total length of the park reaches 204.7 ha. As you can see, the territory is quite large, where it is possible to see a lot of interesting things and discover something new. Especially if you are going to walk around the park with a guide.

It should be noted that special attention in the park deserves a small oak forest.
It attracts visitors like a magnet and fills it with positive energy.

Perfectly complement your leisure time in the park, noble swans.
Therefore, do not forget to stock up on bread before your visit. The local inhabitants of the lake I love the hotel.

The landscape park is more like a well-groomed forest, so it is radically different from the usual arboretums of Ukraine for us.
The proximity to naturalness gives it features and uniqueness in its own way.
For example, if you compare the dendrological park Alexandria or the arboretum Sofiyivka, then this is the stark opposite.
But, if flora is important for you, not everyday life, then here you will definitely not be disappointed.

Sights of the Chernihiv region

Within a radius of 100 km from the village of Trostyanets, you can visit several equally interesting sights, namely:

  1. Palace in Sokirintsy – 12 km;
  2. Degtyary Palace – 32 km;
  3. Kachanovka National Historical and Cultural Reserve – 27 km;
  4. Kirill Razumovsky Palace and the Citadel of Baturin Fortress – 92 km.
Address: s. Trostyanets, Ichnyansky district, Chernihiv region.

GPS coordinates: 50°47’9”N 32°48’45”E 

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