National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Kachanivka”

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Our modernity is such that it often causes chronic fatigue syndrome.
In such cases, the best solution is a vacation that will help you to collect your thoughts, reduce irritability and overcome a temporary crisis.
As reality has clearly demonstrated, we do not always have free time and finances.
Therefore, the best solution for you may be a weekend break in the Kachanovka National Historical and Cultural Reserve.
The wonderful and peaceful atmosphere of the surroundings, the magnificent palace and park ensemble, the wonderful nature will leave the most vivid memories of the time spent here.
Rest assured, your fatigue will be removed at a glance!

Among the finalists of 7 wonders of Ukraine in 2010, from the category “the best palaces of Ukraine”, the exquisite palace in Kachanovka deservedly won.
The local area is a kind of journey into the distant and at the same time mysterious past. The unforgettable, even outdated images of patriots thanks to which the modern generation is aware of its history and culture, remind us of our own achievements as a nation. The collection of the work of the great masters of their paintings, music, artworks offend the living and cause pride to this day.

Traces of history

In the middle of the 15th century, court artist Fedor Kachanovsky bought up the surrounding lands and founded a rather large farm called Kachanovschina.
After some time has passed, the root name has changed slightly.
Nowadays, we know the local area, like the village of Kachanovka.

The first stone of the grand palace, which was rebuilt and reconstructed several times throughout its history, was laid by the commander Peter Alexandrovich Rumyantsev-Zadunaysky. When the vast expanses of neighboring lands passed into the possession of the count, as a generous reward for good service, from Empress Catherine II, Zadunaysky bought the farm from Kachanovsky. The Earl hires the best architects of the time Karl Blanc and Maxim Mosceptanov, who built the whole complex. It consisted of: a palace, office and utility rooms, decorative buildings and outbuildings.

The heyday of the estate in Kachanovka was observed with the transfer of ownership to the noble family of Tarnovsky. With the new owners of the building, the park and the palace radically changed for the better.
I would especially like to note the economics of Grigory Tarnovsky, whom many considered in the nobility circles as an eccentric. But this is at first glance!
In his possession, he not only invited people of completely different views, but endowed architecture with very interesting symbols.
If you imbue with this topic, then immediately striking is the feature in the design and geometry of structures. For example, the entrance to most buildings corresponds to an equilateral triangle into which you can enter a circle, the image of the all-seeing eye in the dome of the church or tiles at the entrance to the palace. These features are unique to members of a secret society, namely the Masons. And this is not surprising, because it is believed that Grigory Stepanovich Tarnovsky entered the Poltava Masonic lodge “Love for Truth”.

It is important to note that the society “Love for Truth” was founded in 1818, by the head of the chancellery, Mikhail Novikov. During this period, a new society gradually began to form among the nobles, which opposed the autocracy and serfdom.
Such people were also called Decembrists.

If we generally analyze the beginning of the XIX century, then Left-Bank Ukraine was the beginning of our national revival. This was clearly reflected in the artistic direction and literary works. The movement became so popular in noble circles that it posed a great threat to the existence of the Russian empire.
Considering the possibility of serious consequences, a special imperial decree was seen prohibiting this society, which lasted less than a year.
Naturally, members of the Love for Truth movement still gathered and led a discussion on a forbidden topic, but already secretly. One of the places where such gatherings were held was the Tarnovsky Palace.

The owner of the exquisite palace, Grigory Stepanovich, in every possible way demonstrated his love for art, music and literature. Therefore, it is quite natural that he surrounded himself with outstanding personalities of that period, many were among his friends, for example: Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, Mikhail Glinka, Nikolai Markevich, Mikhail Vrubel, Taras Shevchenko and Ilya Efimovich Repin, who created well famous painting “Cossacks write a letter to the Turkish Sultan.” The peculiarity of this work is that Repin painted a picture in Kachanovka, on the basis of this, many characters on the canvas are local residents.
For example, a man in a black hat is Vasily Tarnovsky, Jr. himself.
A positive man, who indicates the direction with his finger, is the personal coachman Vasily Tarnovsky, who often liked to throw a sharp word.

Grigory Stepanovich Taranovsky through his whole life carried a love of Ukrainian culture.
This love was also sincerely shared by his heirs.
The son Vasily Tarnovsky Jr. was especially distinguished, who confidently walked in the footsteps of his father.
Vasily became famous for his beautiful collection of Ukrainian relics, he began to replenish it from his student years.
He significantly expanded and supplemented the park with wrought-iron benches, sculptures, a cascade, decorative plants, and also rebuilt the palace.
During the time when the palace belonged to Tarnovsky Jr., life was in full swing at Kachanovka, calm, peace and comfort reigned.
Famous artists, politicians, writers, musicians, scientists often visited here.
Therefore, it is not at all surprising that many masterpieces were born in the favorable creative atmosphere of the palace and its surroundings.

In 1898, the palace and rich heritage lands were sold by Vasily Taranovsky to sugar tycoon Pavel Kharitonenko. The new owner of the estate made adjustments to the facade of the palace and the improvement of the park, electricity and a telephone appeared. But, a quiet and moderate life in Kachanivka did not last long.

With the advent of the Soviet period, in 1918, the estate was nationalized.
From this time began the rapid decline of the entire estate.
The luxurious halls of the palace were stolen, many structures were dismantled for building material, and firewood began to be prepared in the park.
For some time the palace housed a hospital, then a tuberculosis sanatorium.
The church was also plundered, then a warehouse was arranged, and a little later a club.

Reserve “Kachanivka”, today

From February 27, 2001, the palace and park ensemble was given the status of a National Reserve. The total territory of the manor park occupies 732 hectares, while a pond is located on 125.5 hectares. Off the coast of the ponds offers a beautiful view of the surroundings.

Kachanovsky palace was looted, but not destroyed.
Therefore, its foundation is preserved to our time.
In appearance, it is a rectangular-shaped two-story building, with parameters of 73×21 meters.
The architectural structure of the palace is complemented by three risalits.
The first floor is made of brick, but the second tier has a wooden base.
Its outer part is faced with brick.
A bright addition and a highlight of the palace is a dome in the center of the structure, an observation deck and expressive columns.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to restore exactly the interior of the Kachanovsky Palace.
But, small fragments from the ancient design still remained.
For example, you can see the remains of former luxury, on the fireplace or tiled stoves.
During interior decorating, a noble and very expensive mahogany, marble, and high-quality glass were often used.

The favorite place of modern tourists and former owners is Kachanovsky Park, it is divided into 2 tiers.
The first includes the territory along the perimeter of the palace with a geometric layout, which consists of magnificent alleys, an amazing square, a stall and a platform.

The lower tier is distinguished by its excellent landscape, which originated on the basis of a forest created by nature itself. Here, in complete harmony, more than 50 species of coniferous and deciduous trees, park sculptures, bridges, romantic ruins, the photogenic coastal zone of the pond complement each other.

The convenient location of this attraction of the Chernihiv region, contributed to the construction of 4 popular tourist routes, which are in great demand among experienced and novice tourists.
This trend is favorably reflected in the development of tourism not only in these places, but also in Ukraine as a whole. Therefore, intending to visit Kachanovka, keep in mind that only a few kilometers away are: the magnificent Trostyanets arboretum, the search for palaces in Sokirintsy and Degtyary.

Kachanovsky palace, video review

Address: s. Kachanovka, Ichnyansky district, Chernihiv region.

GPS coordinates: 50°50′12″ с. ш. 32°39′18″ в. д  

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