Pam’yatnik football m’yachu

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The origins of football, the most popular game on the planet, has ancient roots.
Initially, the ball game, reminiscent of the ritual leaders and the ball itself symbolized the heavenly body.
Ancient peoples, this game was called differently: Indians “Thapa Bank of Yap,” which means “Throwing the ball,” Eskimos “Tungatgak” Chinese “Tsutszyu” translated “Push foot” italyantsi “Calcio”.

Modern football has become a popular sports game, a soccer ball his character.
In different parts of the world can see hundreds of sites that embody the sport.
Ukraine is no exception.
The wonderful city of Kharkov, in 2001 was a monument to a soccer ball.
Near the monument is often going to football fans, discussing the latest animated
news in sports.
Monument made the sculptor O. Shevchuk, using their work bronze and granite.
Two-ton giant with a diameter of 1.5 meters, showing off the alley sporting glory in the park to them. Shevchenko.

Monuments and sculptures in Ukraine:

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