Monument Fountain Baron Munchausen

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The remarkable Mr. Khmelnitsky, is an unusual monument Fountain Baron Munchausen.
We lay it in 1970. Gregory Mammon, M.E.Andriychuk and Valentina Lyashko.
The idea of this unusual exhibition at the trio arose spontaneously, they just wanted to liven up your yard where settled.
Sculpture formed of concrete, and it is an integral part of the overall composition.
According to the authors thought, Baron horse drinking from a barrel of water, and that in turn translates back, filling the small fables.
The creators of the exhibition wanted to show the passage is not the usual stories about Baron:
“During the battle in the city of Ochakov, Munchausen horse loses its back.
Baron ottiskivaet lost part of the pet in the meadow among the young mares, he sews
part horse shoots of laurel, as a result of the fuse, and the plants take root sprouts. ”
Here’s a fun little thumbnail partially displayed the inventors.

Unfortunately memorial fountain is now in poor condition, I hope the local authorities
allocate resources, and restore the original exposure.

Address: Str. Kamenetskaya 48, Khmelnitsky.
GPS coordinates: 49°25′34″N 26°58′43″E 
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