Monument of Ilf and Petrov “12th chair”

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You can see the best variety and very unusual monument on Ukrainian streets.
Often, among the usual statues found instances rather unusual.
The most original of them, are not deprived of the attention of tourists, causing interest and desire zapechalitsya on the background of the local attractions.
Monument of Ilf and Petrov “12th chair” is no exception.
At the monument is constantly crowded with curious guests of Odessa.
The legendary monument set on Deribasovskaya in 1999 year on April 1, and itself
the original idea of the monument belongs to the talented architect M.Reve.
Bronze chair is dedicated to the novel “The Twelve Chairs,” whose heroes were looking for diamonds that
I hid extravagant Madame Petukhov.

Address: Str. Deribasovskaya, Odessa  
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