Palace of Galagans, Sokirintsy

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This is an inconspicuous point on the map of Left-Bank Ukraine, perhaps it would not deserve our attention if it were not for one historical event that radically changed the usual life of the old grain farming settlement and made adjustments to the future of Ukraine.

In 1716, an approved certificate of ownership, which was legalized by the press of the Russian Empire, Sokirintsy was transferred to personal use to Colonel Ignat Ivanovich Galagan, as a reward for the betrayal of the Ukrainian people and hetman Ivan Mazepa.
Ignat Ivanovich actively and with particular cruelty took part in the destruction of the Zaporizhzhya Sich. As a result of the battle, almost all the Cossacks that were in the territory of the Sich died, and those Cossacks who were captured, Galagan personally put them on a stake and defiantly put them into rafting on the restless Dnieper.
Since that time, the Cossacks, who managed to save their lives after the terrible massacre and defeat of the Sich, have long pursued Galagan as a personal enemy, thirsting for revenge for betrayal.
For their evil, people cursed Galagan and his entire family!
Since that time, the Sokirynts became the permanent dwelling of the Galagan family from their sins and noble deeds.

In 1823, for the construction of a new palace and the layout of the park, the Galaganov family invited the famous architect Dubrovsky and gardener I.E. Bisteld.
The estate was erected behind the project of the owner himself, who was never destined to enjoy the created beauty for a long time. Upon completion of the work, the local area has become a pearl of the architectural and landscape heritage of Left-Bank Ukraine.
Skillful hands breathed life into the old forest, giving it an exquisite image of a well-groomed English park, which is so beckoning and bewitching to this day.
Walking through its open spaces you gain peace and tranquility.
It is harmoniously complemented by sculptures, gazebos, a pond and bridges, a church and a chapel.

Palaces Ukraine is a vivid and undeniable proof of our culture, nationality, evidence of the reality of historical events that took place within its walls, the existence of the greatest people. This is like an imprint and a reminder to the modern generation of the elapsed time, which can no longer be returned.

Today the palace-estate is not as neat and tidy as before, but it still fascinates with its sophistication, uniqueness and beauty.
A rectangular layout, a large decorative dome, a portico, columns, a main avenue, a ramp that smoothly descends to the park area welcomes guests with hospitality.

I would especially like to note the last male representative of the Galagan family – Grigory Galagan. He was respected by nobles and ordinary people.
He was distinguished by good manners, high intellect, education, had a wonderful artistic taste, actively supported the reform and the idea of ​​freeing peasants from serfdom from land allotment.
Gregory strongly supported and financed beginner talents, especially among the common people. He showed interest in studying the ethnography of his native land.
Thanks to his support, public schools, several gymnasiums, and colleges were opened.
Therefore, in memory of the great man, a memorial plaque to G.P. Galagan was erected on the wall of the palace in 2013.

Galaganov Palace in Sokirintsy, today

Given the enormous contribution to education that made Gregory Galagan throughout his life. It is even symbolic that today the Sokirinsky Agrarian Lyceum is located in the palace. The administration of the educational complex contributes to the preservation of the palace, parkland and the access of tourists to the territory of the historical sights of Ukraine.

Sights of the Chernihiv region

If your plans include a desire to visit the Galaganov Palace, then keep in mind that there are several popular tourist places within a radius of 100 km from the village of Sokiryntsi:
Trostyanets Park – 12 km;
Palace in Degtyary – 20 km;
National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Kachanivka” -40 km;
The palace of Cyril Razumovsky and the citadel of the Baturin fortress —105 km.

Galagan Palace, video

Address: st. Sadovaya 16, p. Sokirintsy, Srebnyansky district, Chernihiv region.

GPS coordinates: 50°41’42”N 32°46’7”E 

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