Waterfall Vojvodin

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Waterfall Vojvodin, cozy nestled near the popular Ukrainian ski resort near the village Zhdenievo, which is annually visited by thousands of tourists.
It is considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Transcarpathia.
The miracle of nature got its name not in vain, the falling roar of the water flow creates a unique sound that resembles howling of water, hence the name “howl-vodin”.
It should be noted that the turbulent streams of the waterfall are rapidly falling from the 24-meter height, which originate from the high-mountain lowlands of the Rune, then overcoming a sufficiently deep canyon merges into one unit with the Shipot River.

In the Carpathian area a lot of waterfalls, as a rule, most of them are quite popular and accessible to the public.
Unfortunately or fortunately, it is difficult to say, the Vojvodin Falls refers to a natural tourist attraction to which it is quite difficult to reach.
Sometimes it seems that nature itself hides it from prying eyes among the southern slopes of the highest mountain meadows of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which they know as Polonina Runa.
Apparently, therefore, many tourists prefer to spend their free time at the Waterfall Shipot, it is located much closer and has excellent infrastructure.
Even without knowing that they are losing a lot!
Indeed, without a doubt and exaggeration, Voevodin deserves attention in order to overcome a difficult uphill route.

How to get to the waterfall Voevodin?

As mentioned above to get to the waterfall is not easy, but it is possible, if only there was a desire!
To achieve your goal, you can use two routes.

In the first version, you can start from Zhdenievo village.
The road is simple and very picturesque.
By the time this route is delayed for about 3-4 hours: first you need to get to the village of Zbina, then cross the mountain, then go down from its top directly to Vojvodina.
If you beat more precisely, then this route reaches 13 km, the elevation difference does not exceed 400 meters.
As you can see, the road is not difficult, so it can easily be overcome by both an inexperienced tourist and children.

The second route starts from the village Turya Polyana.
To do this you need to turn in the direction of the stream in the center of the village.
Next, keep your way to the trout, then move along the path without turning anywhere.
In order not to get lost among the mountain slopes, keep the flow.
As soon as you reach the estate “Shipot” turn right.
From now on you can no longer be worried, here you will not get lost, as the tourist path to the waterfall itself originates in this place.

It does not matter what route you take to enjoy the magnificent sight, as the steep cliffs with a roar of the incredible force of the water flow.
The main result and not hammered impressions from what he saw.
The local region, without exaggeration – a great place for family holidays.
Clean mountain air, wonderful nature, amazing panorama of the neighborhood will leave the most vivid impressions for a long time.
Therefore, if you have the opportunity to beat here, do not miss your chance.

Address: Transcarpathian region, Perechyn district.

GPS coordinates: 48°47′09″ с. ш. 22°50′46″ в. д  

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