Waterfall Guk Zhenetsky (Carpathian Mountains)

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Among the beautiful mountains of the Ukrainian Carpathians along the rocky slope of the stream Zhents one-cascade waterfall Hook descends.
The 15-meter-long miracle of nature fascinates you with its beauty.
Enjoy an amazing panorama and listen to the roar of the falling water can endlessly.
Here is the ideal place for privacy away from everyday bustle and worries.
Singing birds, the scent of forest grasses and flowers, burning with dense forest, echoing noise echoing, invigorating freshness – will fill you with a positive emotion and a wonderful mood.

It should be noted that Zhenetsky Hook is the youngest waterfall in Ukraine, which was formed after the flood, in the middle of the last century.
During the winter, it partially freezes, creating an equally colorful image of the overturned water stream. When you see in front of you a multitone crystal block of ice, which becomes icicles before your eyes, you kill for a minute about reality and are transferred to the fairy tale from your childhood “The Snow Queen”.

On the perimeter of the waterfall are two very comfortable viewing platforms, as well as a fairly comfortable area for recreation, where you can enjoy nature and a light snack.
Through the flow of a small bridge, here adore tourists photographed.

How to get to Hook Falls

First, you need to get to the village of Tatarov or to. Mykulychyn.
Next, eaten on any bus or minibus.
You need to get off in 10-15 minutes before driving on the Hook, but not to drive him warn the driver.
Then, crossing the railway line, you will see a checkpoint in front of you.
Here, make payment for the entrance, last beat to 20 hryvnia per person and move directly to the waterfall. On the road, if on foot, it takes 1 – 1.5 hours.

For a note!
As it is good in our country before the ex-president’s dacha, an ideal asphalt road is laid, and then there is not enough finance – the road for ordinary mortals is a primer.

Tourist routes

Several very interesting and picturesque tourist routes are laid to the Huk waterfall. So let’s consider them in more detail, so:

    • The first route originates from the left side of the checkpoint, which will take you to Mount Khomyak (1,542 m). The route is marked, which excludes the possibility of getting lost.
      If you choose this direction, then keep in mind, you need to overcome 8 km – it’s about 4 hours walk.
    • On the right side of the same checkpoint begins another route that will take you to Mount Krugloyavornik. The length of the route is 5.5 km, this is up to 3 hours of travel.
    • The third route, it is the most popular passes through the panoramic valley of the Hamster, and then returns to the Zhenets tract.
      If you choose this direction, then consider that you will have to overcome more than 6 km. The distance is relatively small, but the route is complex: sharp elevations, steep slopes. Keep in mind that you will have to spend a whole day on the road: start in the morning, pass to the Khomiak valley by lunch, then about 1 hour later you will go uphill and descend from the top of the Khomyak mountain, and already towards the evening descent back to waterfall. As a rule, in the village, tourists get to sleep at dusk.
      But, this does not mean that you need to hurry, you can spend the night in a tent at the foot of Mr. Khomyak.

Who prefers to rest in the Carpathians for 3-4 days in a tent, then I recommend that from Khomyak continue his route further along the picturesque Gorgan Mountains through the equally beautiful Mount Sinyak, then to Maly Gorgan, then to Dovbushanka and at the finish to visit Vedmezhik.

Address: waterfall Guk Zhenetsky, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

GPS coordinates: 48.3908853, 24.499437100000023

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