Mount Khomyak (Carpathian Mountains)

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The Khomyak Mountain is an ideal option for a one-day rest, especially with young children.
If you are a fan of green tourism, you love nature, dream of enjoying a unique panorama of the Ukrainian Carpathians, to meet the sunset or sunrise in the mountains, to spend the night in a tent among wild nature, to walk barefoot on silky grass, to enjoy the aroma of bitter grasses and flowers, then Mount Khomyak is an excellent choice.

Perhaps it should be noted that the reasons for visiting the popular landmark of the Ivano-Frankivsk region, Khomyak, are several:

  • First, the beginning of the route begins almost immediately at the track;
  • Secondly, the proximity to the villages: Yablunitsa, Polyanitsa, Tatars, as well as to the famous mountain ski complex Bukovel;
  • Thirdly, the presence of several routes that will help you comfortably overcome the ascent to the Hamster, you can choose the most convenient;
    As a rule, most of them are not a difficult walk along the serpentine, which winds through the fantastic landscape forest, as though imperceptibly gaining altitude;
  • In the fourth, from the top of Mount Khomyak along the path one can go down to the one-cascade waterfall Hook Zhenetsky.

So, let’s sum up, if you go on a journey with the sunrise, for example at 8-9 o’clock, then one day it will be enough for you without overloading and hurrying to overcome the polonin and the top of the Hamster, click panoramic photos, then go back to the polonium where you can lunch and a little rest, then go to the Hook waterfall.
Here you can not rush, on the observation platform to buy a few souvenirs and the famous local wine, then it remains to walk to the highway, and here already someone like: the minibus or your car.

Tourist route to the Khomyak Mountain

Overcome the mountain hamster can be any of the existing five tourist paths.
Two trails originate from the Hook and Waterfall, which is located on the road.
The other two trails start from the road near the village of Polyanytsya, 5 km from g / resort Bukovel.
The fifth trail starts from Mount Sinyak, but this route is more suitable for those who plan to relax in a tent among the Gorgan Mountains.
But, I strongly recommend choosing the route that starts from the checkpoint, this climb is the easiest and without sharp differences in altitude.
Descend from the mountain can be the same path that rose.
It is important to remember that you must calculate your time so that to the track came out no later than 19.00. If you are late, then it will be more difficult to get on the bus or bus.
But, you can rent a private car in a neighboring village in advance and get there where you need to or rent a room for the night at local residents.
As an option, while not the worst – spend the night in a tent.

Who prefers to rest 3-4 days in the tent in the Carpathians, then I recommend that the hamster continue along the picturesque Gorgans through the no less beautiful Mount Sinyak, then to the Lesser Gorgan, then to the town of Dovbushanka and to finish the visit to Vedmegyk.

How to get to the beginning of the route to Khomyak

To nail to the beginning of the route you can love by public transport from Ivano-Frankivsk in the direction of the village Yablunitsa or Polyanitsa.
The note!
If you choose the route to the side with. Yablunitsa (suitable bus or minibus that goes to Rakhiv, Yasinya or Lazeshchinu).
If you plan to start your journey from. Palianicy (you will be approached by flights in the direction of Bukovel).

An excellent panorama of the Carpathians along the route to Mount Khomyak

Interesting Facts:
1. The height of the mountain Khomyak reaches 1542 meters.
2. Its interesting name was a natural miracle because of its similarity to the animal-hamster.

Address: Mount Khomyak, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

GPS coordinates: 48.3675027, 24.4964755

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