Starokonstantinovsky Castle

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Not far from Khmelnitsky, everyone can visit the magnificent Starokonstantinovsky Castle of the 16th century.
Its mighty walls rise to the sky, reminding the younger generation of the former glory.
The history of the castle is very rich, shrouded in secrets and legends, which today live in these parts.

The founder of the city and the Starokonstantinovsky Castle is the legendary historical person, Konstantin Ostrozhsky.
The noble prince and excellent voivode, knowing all the nuances of military affairs, managed to successfully design
A defensive structure that no one could conquer.
Although there were more than enough people.
Frequent raids, military operations in these parts of the world were far from uncommon, but rather a norm.
The reason for the turbulent life for local residents was the location of the region, which was on the way of the so-called “black road”.
This route was often followed by the Tatar horde, raiding the territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Over time, the political situation changed dramatically, the border between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Ukrainian state crossed the town of Starokonstantinov.

Naturally, this did not bring the region a quiet, peaceful life, often there were military clashes between the Kozakama and the Poles.

In the 18th century, the defensive structure lost its original purpose, the castle gradually began to decline.
In the 19th century, the fortress was taken over by Dubasov, the famous sugar producer in the region.
A few years later, a museum was set up in the castle.
During the Second World War, the Nazis exploited the structure as a camp.
Here, young people were temporarily detained before being sent to the concentration camps in Germany.
At the end of the war, the museum was again opened here, and warehouses were set up.

Starokonstantinovsky Castle these days:

Starokonstantinovsky castle is not in the best condition, but thanks to patrons and local authorities
Restoration work is underway here.
The work on restoring the historical memo is not progressing as quickly as we would like,
But still better than nothing.
I very much want to believe that in the near future, we will see the majestic castle as once its distinguished by our ancestors.

Today, on the territory of the fortress, there is a historical and cultural center-museum “Old Konstantinov”.
Until now, there is a semicircular dungeon tower, from which a wonderful View of the surrounding area. At one time, they were beaten several times, but only one survived.
No less interesting place on the territory of the fortress, which deserves attention, the prince’s palace with gloomy cellars, wells and chambers.
Local residents claim that under the castle there are underground passages leading to Medzhibozh Castle. Believe it or not, it’s up to you.
As for me, this legend may well turn out to be a reality.
On the territory of the complex there is a bell tower and the church of the Holy Trinity, where you can see partially the preservation of the XVI.

Address: Starokonstantinov Str. Zamkovaya, Khmelnitsky region.

GPS coordinates: 49°45’25”N 27°13’41”E

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