Medzhybizh Castle

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Not far from the magnificent city of Khmelnitsky, there is a very interesting and popular attraction “Medzhybizh Castle”.
Its mighty walls, as before, rise on the banks of the rivers Southern Bug and Buzok.
He is like a guard, standing and still guarding peace and quiet in the vicinity.
Centuries passed, here the sound of battle horses has not been heard for a long time, guns are not heard, do not hear the screams of the wounded and moans of the dying, as when she is.
Surrounded by peace and quiet, the walls of the castle rise to the sky, as reminders to the younger generation of the suffering of the Ukrainian people.
It’s not just a castle, it’s not a fully read book of history.
Near the walls of the stronghold, there were many historical events that decided the fate of peoples
And not always had a happy ending.

Medzhybizh Castle from the architectural side, displays a bright and successful example of a combination
Defensive and castle buildings.
The stronghold has the shape of an elongated triangle, in the center of which is the Church of St. Nicholas.
Massive walls of the fortress reach 4 m in thickness, height up to 17 m.
The castle is also called the “White Swan”, once the walls of the structure were white, from afar it resembled the silhouette of a swan, hence the name “White Swan”.

History of Medzhybizh castle

The history of the fortress began from the times of Kievan Rus.
The first mention of the structure is kept in the Ilatiev Chronicle, dated 1146 year.
Initially, the owner of the castle beat Svetoslav Vsevolodovich, then the building passed into the possession of Rostislav Dolgoruky.
Since 1227, the fortress again changed its owner, it was Prince Yaroslav Ingvarovich.
Uneasy times for the stronghold began when the owner of the fortress was Prince Boris Mezhibozhsky, he was actively engaged in political games that led to military tension Galicia-Volyn Principality.
As a result, in 1241, Prince Daniel of Galich could not resist the Mongol-Tatars, he was defeated.
In 1362 a battle took place between the Tatars and Lithuanians, Medzhibozh became the property of the Lithuanian Kingdom, and the Koriatovich brothers became the new owners of the Medzhybozh Fortress.
The new owners greatly strengthened the stronghold and erected the church of St. Nicholas.
In 1432, when the political situation changed radically again, the territory of Podillia
Crossed the Commonwealth.

The fortress radically changed the structure into a chic stone castle.
The new owners were the noble Polish Sinyavsky family.
A few years later, the heirs of the seven Sinyavsky and Czartoryski were united in marriage, eventually the castle was inherited by the family of Czartoryski.
From 1740 to 1760, the Israelite Baal Shev Besht, who was a Jewish religious figure, settled in Medzhibozh Castle.
In 1793, the fortress passed into the possession of the Russian Empire, from this period the gradual decline of the castle began.
In the walls of the building was a residence for the Empress, a prison, a fire department, a warehouse.
In the 60-ies the fortress was partially dismantled for the construction of material for the construction of residential buildings.

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Address: st. Zamkovaya 1, settlement Medzhibozh, Letichevsky district, Khmelnitsky region .

GPS coordinates: 49°26’11.54”N, 27°24’41.25”E

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