Klevansky castle

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Klevansky Castle – a monument of architecture of the XV century, is one of the 100 Wonders of Ukraine.
From past glories structures resemble only the ruins and rich history.
Castle deplorable condition, the promise of restoration work by the investor, and were not about.
Two fire, vandalism and indifference of local authorities had a negative impact on the lock.
It is hoped that local activists still be able to find a way out of this situation.

The first mention of the castle dates back to 1475 year.
Owned building and land in the vicinity of the noble family Czartorysk.
Originally conceived as a rock rugged defensive fortress.
Along the perimeter of the castle surrounded by a deep ditch filled with water, and three towers, only two survived to the present day.
The thickness of the walls up to 4 meters.
Ok fortified fortress could withstand any siege, but she was not destined to fulfill the role originally intended.
The political situation changed, the remoteness of the region from the border of the Commonwealth played
a key role in the gradual decline of the castle.
After 70 years after the completion of construction works, Klevansky castle lost defensive importance.

Historical facts about Klevanskom castle:

From 1632 – 1773 years the castle belonged to the Jesuits. During the troubled relationship between the Austrian Empire and the Jesuits, confiscated their belongings tossed, Klevensky Castle was no exception.
About the castle for a long time tossed scored and only in 1817, there opened a Polish school.
It lasted until 1831 school year.
From 1832 – 1834 years. Castle operated as a school.
From 1834 – 1836 years. gymnasium was located here.
From 1878 – 1915 years the fortress was used as a school spirits.
From 1916 – 1917 years. there was a veterinary station.
From 1918 – 1925 years. in the construction of temporary huddled people affected by the hostilities.
From 1925 – 1935 years. in the castle opened a school to seven classes.
In 1935 he opened a boarding school.
From 1939 – 1953 .in the walls of the stronghold housed the NKVD.
In the period from 1953 to 1988 opened here last school, a school of mechanization
Since the closure of schools, Klevansky castle is empty and destroyed.

Surrounding Attractions: The tunnel of love, the Church of the Nativity (Klevan), the Annunciation church (Klevan).

Address: Str. Hospital, town of Klevan, Rivne region.

GPS coordinates: 50°44’32”N, 25°58’0”E

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