Little-known ski resorts in Ukraine

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As a rule, when planning a winter vacation, most of us prefer to spend our holidays or vacations in the best ski resorts in Ukraine.
Therefore, it is quite natural that on the eve of the opening of the winter season the services of travel agencies are in great demand, who are ready to offer their customers last-minute tours or trips to the Ukrainian Carpathians.
In most cases, the main direction will be Bukovel, Play, Slavske or Dragobrat.
Naturally, the living conditions and service in these complexes are at a good level.
But, nevertheless, I want to note that you have the opportunity to visit no less comfortable and convenient for family holidays, although little-known ski resorts in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.
At the same time, the average price for hotels and pensions in these places is much lower, which is important for many Ukrainian families. Given this feature, you will probably be interested to know about the modest resorts on the snowy slopes of the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Ski resort Kosov

Kosov is a small tourist town, which, among other things, is also a symbol of folk art. This feature and a very distinctive feature of the region is that it operates the Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts, which has a museum and a souvenir shop.

Near the city, on the slopes of Mount Mikhailovka, which geographically belongs to the Hutsulshchyna National Park, there is a ski run.
Its length is only 1200 meters, but this does not mean that it is exclusively for beginners.
Quite the opposite, given the presence of low mounds and bumps directly on the track, downhill resembles overcoming mini-jumps. Therefore, the ski resort in Kosovo is perfect for lovers of freeriding.

A ski lift pulls out the skiers to the starting point for the upcoming descent.
At the foot of the mountain there are: equipment rental, a cozy cafe and of course a medical center.

Ski resort Sheshory

Just 13 kilometers from Kosovo, there is a small resort Sheshory, which is also located in the Hutsulshchyna National Park, and is no worse than the previous one. Therefore, given the small mileage between the ski resorts, if you wish, you can visit both complexes.

The complex has several tracks in its location, their length balances from 700 to 1500 meters. They are laid on the slope of Mount Pasichnaya, a yoke will deliver you to their peaks. Regarding the slopes, there are no special remarks; for the most part, they are gentle and only some sections have very small jumps.

As is suitable for any complex of this purpose, there are points for renting equipment, options where to eat and spend the night.

Ski resort Sokilsk

The territorial ski resort is located near the village of Tyudov. The complex has several tracks, from 800 to 1500 mm. A yoke or chair lift will help you climb to the top for the descent.

The average price for accommodation in a resort hotel is 500 UAH. It is possible to rent a cottage or a private sector, their level of convenience is very good.
The resort has a Hutsul bath, swimming pool, SPA salon and much more.

If you want to visit the nearest ski resorts, then Kosovo is located 17 kilometers away, and 33 km from Sheshory.

Ski resort Verkhovyna

To relax in the local resort, you need to overcome a very narrow mountain road that leads to the village of Verkhovyna. The village is located in the Black Cheremosh valley.
Along its perimeter there are mountains that strike with their beauty and grandeur.
All of them are well known among fans of ecotourism and most popular mountain routes through the Ukrainian Carpathians are laid through most.

It is important to note that in the local area a great emphasis was placed on medical tourism, since more than a hundred natural
mineral water sources. Therefore, in a combination of pristine nature, clean mountain air and forest – this is an ideal option for healing the body and outdoor activities.

For skiing fun, several pistes were built here. On Mount Pushkar there is a 380-meter-long descent; only a yoke serves it.

If you go to the neighboring village of Iltsy, then you can use the route more seriously. Its length is almost 700 meters.

Ski resort Vorokhta

The tourist village is located on the route to the picturesque Carpathian Pass.
Therefore, you will have the opportunity not only to enjoy the unique beauty of this region, but also to take several photos for a family album against its background.

Once Vorokhta belonged to the status of the best ski resort in Ukraine, but today the situation is completely different. In the location of the complex there was only one ski run, which has an average degree of difficulty and a length of 500 m. For beginners and inexperienced skiers, this is enough.

Ski resort Yablunytsya

This resort is located almost under the nose of Bukovel, they are separated by only 12 kilometers. Therefore, vacationers often rent housing in the local village and combine their winter vacation between the resorts Yablunytsya and Bukovel. This approach to planning a vacation or vacation can significantly save the family budget.
Along the perimeter of the village there are several mountains where they are equipped with different lengths and complexity of the route. You just have to choose the suitable option for yourself, taking into account your skills in skiing or overcome each.

Ski resort Vyshkov

The tourist village is located at an altitude of 930 m above sea level and belongs to the Dolinsky district. Only two routes are concentrated in the aisles of the complex: the first is laid on Mount Zaloma 1000 meters long, the second is based on the Cheremshin mountain massif, the descent length is 350 m.
On the routes of tourists served by a yoke.

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