Letichevsky Castle

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If you prefer to visit the castles and fortresses of Ukraine in your spare time, you will
It is interesting to spend your weekend in the cozy town of Letichev.
Thanks to the convenient location of the sights, Letichevsky Castle has become a popular tourist destination of the Khmelnitsky region.
The refinement of the castle is given by a linden alley, which, as it once did, meets and accompanies the guests
Tourists prefer to visit the Letichevsky Castle during the flowering of lime trees, during this period, it is unusually beautiful.

The exact date of foundation of the building no one knows, there are only guesses and guesses.
The first mention of the fortress dates back to 1210.
During this period, during the next raid of the Tatars, the stronghold was destroyed.
Such tragic events throughout the territory of Kievan Rus were not an exception, but rather a norm.
Most of the defensive structures had a wooden structure, which is easy Turned into dust.
Centuries later, by order of the Polish king, the stronghold was radically changed.
Jan Potocki fulfilling the will of the king, in 1579, erected a stone well at a fortified castle.
After 27 years, in the castle area, began to build the Dominican Monastery.
With the advent of the temple, many amazing stories and legends are connected, which today
Live in these parts.
Local residents argue that the miracles around the monastery began to occur after
Generous gift from Pope Clement VIII.
He handed over to the shrine the Icon of the Virgin, which in 1778 was recognized as a miracle-working one.
Today, like 400 years ago, the icon does not leave the walls of the temple, protecting Podillya.

Another pearl of the Letichev castle, which is worth paying attention to, is a monument to the famous national hero, Ustim Karmalyuk.
The grave, the national hero, is located in the city cemetery.
During his life, he did a lot of good for the common people, for which he was loved and respected.
Time has passed, Karmalyuk has long been among the living, but his heroism is remembered today.

How to get to Letici Castle:
The town of Letichev is located near the highway Khmelnitsky – Vinnitsa, to get to the castle at you
There will be no difficulties.
You can take any minibus that passes between these cities.

Helpful information:
In 19 km from Letychiv Castle you can visit another attraction of Letychiv district, Medzhibozh castle

Address: village Letichev, st. 50th Anniversary of October 10, Letichevsky District, Khmelnitsky Region.

GPS coordinates: 49°22’52”N 27°37’12”E


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