Шелеховское озеро

Lake Shelekhovskoe

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Surrounded by a dense forest, near the village of Mezhirich, a little-known but very beautiful lake hides secretly, which is not inferior in its beauty to even the popular lake Sinevir.
The splendor of the reservoir is impossible to put into words, it is just appropriate to quote the popular wisdom “It is better to see once than hear a hundred times.”
Therefore, if you plan to organize outdoor recreation and you do not know the suitable natural attractions of the Sumy region, then you should pay your attention to Shelekhovskoye Lake. It is cozy, quiet and calm – a good option for green tourism and family travel.

According to scientists, the ancient lake was formed in the ice age after the shift of the mountain, which blocked the mass of the road with melt water. As a result of a natural disaster, the so-called “water bowl” was created, where life was born.

The total area of ​​the reservoir is relatively small – 7 hectares. The lake has the status of a reserve and is a favorite vacation spot for many tourists who love traveling around Ukraine, fishing, relaxing on the lake in summer and nature.
In its structure, from a bird’s eye view, the reservoir resembles an unbent horseshoe.
The pearl of the Shelekhov region is surrounded by a mixed forest, as if hiding from prying eyes.
Thick hair of vegetation, which changes seasonally, is the frame, and the lake is not a faceted emerald.

What to do on Shelekhovsky Lake?

If it’s important for you to have a relaxing vacation by the lake for the weekend, where there are no crowds of tourists, only nature, fresh air, forest, silence, clear and uncomplicated lake water, pack your hiking things and go to the local lake.
After all, here you can have a wonderful time with your family, have a picnic, spend the night in a tent, take a walk in the forest, pick up wild berries and mushrooms, cook barbecue or go fishing.
Moreover, Shelekhovskoe Lake is considered a fishing place.

How to get to Shelekhovsky lake?

Initially, you need to keep a direction to the village of Mezhirich, and then upon arrival, it is best to take the help of local residents who will lead you directly to the lake.
It is also important to note that it is worth going here exclusively in your own car.
But, despite the fact that it is difficult to get to this place, a vacation on Shelekhovsky Lake is still worth your efforts and patience.

Address: Shelekhovskoe Lake, s. Mezhirich, Lebedinsky district, Sumy region.

GPS coordinates: 50.714464, 34.502572.

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