Kodak Island in the Dnieper River

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Today you can differently refer to legends, mystical events or scientific works of scientists.
There are cases where it is difficult to find a logical explanation.
It’s not strange, but Kodak Island made many world scientists admit that legends, even the most incredible ones, can turn out to be true, as well as shed light on the past of mankind.
For example, in the process of studying the temples, which are pre-Christian places of worship or burial, a very interesting detail emerged.
If you map the coordinates of Eurasian kapisch and connect them, then of course there will be an 8-coal star, where its center is the Ukrainian island of Kodak.
Coincidence is a message from the past, it’s hard to say.
But no matter how beat, the doctrine suggests that such a feature can point to a huge system of temples, the main one of which was located on this island.

If you pay attention to the etymology of the word “Kodak”, then you get a kind of decoding where the root “code” is tapes, and “ak” is some kind of action.
In other words, this word means that someone, or something, creates tapes.
The puzzle turns out still that, but local residents have arranged all in the places.
The fact is that from ancient times to today it is often observed a rainbow that flows from the shore and the island, like a heavenly bridge.
For our ancestors, this phenomenon had a sacred sign of the Sun, sent by the gods.
Therefore, people worshiped and worshiped this place, from commoner to kings.

Scientific facts about the island of Kodak

According to the luminaries of science, there are traces of ancient Atlanteans on the island, which were carefully concealed during the reign of the tsarist authorities and Stalin.
Here, indeed, skeletons of giant people were found, the growth of which reached up to 3 meters.
Even there are reliable data that in the 19th century, archaeologist Dmitry Ivanovich Yavornytsky was able to find, in the local region, several graves of giants.
But, this discovery greatly frightened the tsarist authorities, which made great efforts to disrupt this incredible fact.
In a rather society reported that the remains could not be studied as they crumbled during excavations.
Meanwhile, Dmitry I., suddenly lost his job and experienced all the charms of repression.

When studying the rocky cover of Kodak Island, it became clear that many stones are more than 3 billion years old. According to the doctrine, this territory of the earth’s measles, where the island itself is located, appeared one of the first on our Planet.
After all, the Earth at that time was covered by magma and only in separate parts, a gradual process of cooling and hardening began.
So, it is believed that one of the first formed the Ukrainian crystal shield.

If we examine the map in detail, we can see with the naked eye that the Dnieper flows exactly along the meridian from north to south, and only near Kiev it goes to the east.
If you ask yourself why the reservoir has changed its course dramatically, the scientists’ answer turned out to be quite forgiving. When the Dnieper River reached the crystalline shield, a gradual breakthrough began.
As a result, stone thresholds appeared that until the time of its flooding on the time of construction of the Dnieper he reached 100 kilometers and finished at the Cossack island Khortytsya. Thus the island of Kodak is the beginning of the threshold, and the island of Khortytsia is its end.
Since ancient times this territory was very revered and was considered a place of power.

In the process of scientific study it was also possible to find out that under the island there are huge faults of the earth’s measles. Accordingly, this is a natural source of energy that comes from the core of our Planet. As shown by the geographical location of the great empires and civilizations, the doctrine saw the regularity and interrelation with the source of energy from the bowels of the Earth. As a rule, in the places where there were any geological faults or seismic activity, great civilizations and empires were born in the history of mankind.

With the help of modern georadar equipment, which can explore the depths of the earth from the surface, it was possible to find out that there is a cave system on the island.
On the received pictures of Kodak, the underground sectors can clearly be seen and walk, which diverge on either side and leave the outskirts of the island, and some of the moves extend under the Dnieper.
Looking at the results, a completely legitimate question arises, maybe a legend about the cave system, the burial of giants and the existence of three tiered caves under the island, is not at all fiction.

Kodak Island our days

Kodak Island is perceived by society as an ordinary work of nature, where its life goes on. There are no temples in the land, no worship of the gods, no rituals mentioned in numerous legends.
The only inhabitants of the island are poisonous snakes, spiders and other fauna.
Vegetation does not differ much in the same way as in other regions of Ukraine.
But, despite the usual nature of the island, recently, like a magnet, it attracts curious tourists, historians, archaeologists, representatives of mystical society from different parts of our country. Everyone has a goal, someone is trying to spend an interesting time, others sincerely believe in incredible stories that are not amenable to common sense, the rest of people are willing to refute or prove historical data relating to the island.

Today it is difficult to determine where the truth is, and where the invention is, especially given the rapid development of tourism. What only locals can not invent to attract gullible tourists. So do not believe everything!

Kodak Island has its own map of attractions, which are scattered all around the perimeter and display different historical periods.
For example, the rock of Sirko, where the famous Ukrainian Cossack often retired, giving rise to the sunrise. Here, you can also see a curved hook that can not be pulled out of the rock. It should be noted that there are many legends around this steel hook, but historians believe that it had a practical purpose and served as a chain-holder.

The next attraction of the island is the ruins of storage facilities.
For a while small warehouses functioned here, according to archival data, they kept gunpowder. But it may very well be that the military installations were a screen, but in fact they conducted secret excavations of the cave system.
There are reports that graves of giants (ancient Atlanteans) were found on the island.
Perhaps there is some truth in this, because Stalin did not in vain order to undermine everything, enter the caves.

Ancient lighthouse of Kodak Island. It is believed that this depression in the stone could serve as a lighthouse, which was filled with oil and set on fire. His flame warned of the beginning of the Dnieper rapids.

In the center of the island there is a shelter of Scythian kings and the field of the father of Ora, where according to legend our ancestors first began to cultivate the land and grow wheat. It should be noted a very surprising fact, the territory in this place is never overgrown.

On the island there is also another very mysterious and mystical place worth seeing – the Lodge of Kings. Today it looks like a needle-shaped stone from a deepening in the middle, but in the distant past great rulers used it to conceive their heirs.
As the legend says, on the island in the definitions of the day, Scythian kings from their wives were nailed, a special ceremony was held after which the child was conceived.

The legend is certainly interesting, but we will try to justify it scientifically.
And so, according to scientists, this information can correspond to reality.
Indeed, today it is truly scientifically justified that the place and time of conception of a child is of great importance. More recently, American teaching conducted a study in the process of which it was proven that such a bed could indeed contribute to the birth of a child of genius.
Therefore, it is not strange, but the wedding night is recommended to be held in the so-called places of power, as well as the timing of the appearance of the offspring.
The child should be born in February or March.
After all, as the statistics showed, most of the geniuses known to the world were born in these months.

As shown by historical data, on the bed of kings the Scythian spouses entered June 21 – this is the day of the solstice.

How to get to Kodak Island

In any case, you need to get to the village of Staraya Kodaki, then down Dalekaya Street you go down to the Dnieper.
Upon arrival, take a boat and head for the island itself.

Address: s.Starye Kodaki, Dnepropetrovsk region.

GPS coordinates: 48°23’22.6″N 35°07’40.1″E. 

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