Khortytsya Island and Zaporizhzhya Sich

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On the territory of Ukraine there are thousands of unique historical places, which after a century cause pride for their nation. The fascinating beauty of nature, uniqueness, rich history of the island of Khortytsya and Zaporizhzhya Sich makes every Ukrainian think what you are and why you live.
Here you realize how dearly valiant Cossacks paid dearly for our freedom.
Thanks to their courage, we are who we are today, and this should not be scored ever.
Unfortunately, a significant part of the complex’s territory has irretrievably disappeared in the waters of the Dnieper. And let us no longer see those impenetrable rapids and rocks that the river swallowed up, but we awake to remember the former glory of this region, always.

Khortytsya is a unique and incredibly beautiful island, which is washed by a wide Dnieper.
Here you will see a magnificent panorama of the surroundings, from which the spirit catches.
Snow-white sandy beaches, forest, rocks, abundance of fragrant flowers and herbs create a unique atmosphere. Amazing view, rich history and legends attract the attention of tourists from different parts of Ukraine and abroad.

According to reliable historical facts and archaeological finds, it is known that the first inhabited islands appeared in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic times.
It is also known that in the VII century. BC. Scythians lived on Khortitsa, as evidenced by the findings
in the territory of the island are funerary complexes.

The most impressive, tragic and at the same time vivid events on the island of Khortytsya
occurred in the period of Zaporozhye Cossacks.
In 1556 on the island. Malaya Khortitsa, the first military defensive fortification of the Cossacks appeared, which was built for the support of Prince Dmitry Baidi (Vishnevetsky).
Thanks to the Cossacks behind the inaccessible Dnieper rapids, the wild steppe plain was gradually populated and processed. On the southern side of Khortytsi, the Great Meadow began, on its expanses the Cossacks were actively engaged in cattle breeding, hunting and fishing.
Today, from the Great Luga there is almost nothing left, it disappeared forever under the waters of Kakhovsky the sea and only a part of the river is reminiscent of it.

The island of Khortytsya and Zaporizhzhya Sich today:
In 1993, the island of Khortytsia was awarded the status of a National Reserve.
Every year, festivals are held here, where they demonstrate their skills in horse riding
talented students of the equestrian theater “Zaporozhye Cossacks”.
Now, thanks to skillful hands of masters and historians on Khortitsa, works on
restoration of the Zaporozhye Sich.

The area of the island is 2650 hectares, its width is 2.5 kilometers, the length reaches 12.5 kilometers.
In the northern and southern part of Khortitsa, towering skies rise to the sky, which goes into the plains, a wonderful place for photo and video shooting. The island divides the Dnieper into two parts, the New and the Old.

In the northern part of Khortitsa there is a popular tourist attraction “Black Stone”. This is a large black block weighing up to 600 kg. There is a suggestion that she could get here with the last glacier.
On the stone lines are laid over its entire surface, no doubt, this is the work of man.
Nobody knows for certain the purpose of these lines, some assumptions and guesses.

Walking along Khortytsa you will see the Kostin gully in front of you, in the people this place is called Teschin Tongue. Opposite the beams, you can see a small island Razstebin.
Once it was much larger, from where a remarkable visibility to the neighboring islands opened up, which disappeared after a major flood in 1871.
Just behind the Teschin beam The tongue is already another beam, Lime.

In the western part of Khortitsa you will see two lakes Bolshaya and Malaya Domakha, where you can have a wonderful rest in the circle of friends and relatives.
In the smooth part of the island, everyone can visit the horse theater “Zaporozhye Cossacks”.

Interesting facts about the island of Khortytsya and Zaporozhskaya Sich:
On the island Khortitsa, some episodes of the film “Taras Bulba” were filmed.

Address: Zaporozhye, Zaporozhye region.

GPS coordinates: 47°49’15”N 35°5’27”E

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